Color Sensational Pearls Lip Color


Paige N.
Good Lipstick

This lipstick was the first nude lipstick I've owned. I purchased "Sparkling Sand", and I've used it to a nub. If you have naturally blood red lips like me, it won't do very much for you because it's not very opaque. But if you want this lipstick, I suggest putting a concealer on your lips before putting the product on. This is what I did and it worked phenomenally. Very smooth formula. I haven't tried any other color in this line, but "Sparkling Sand" is where it's at (:

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Kali M.

I love the lipstick I thinks it goes on nice and smoothe and it goes with my face I love love love love love it! (:

I think if you like natural but yet some color this would be great for you I mean it's perfect! I wore it to school and my friends like it to so I would deffintly buy more!

lauren j.
Love the formula, not the shade on my tan skin

The title says it all, I love the formula. It goes on smooth and creamy but not thick. I can't really say how long it stays on because i put a darker lipgloss over it because the shade is too light. I plan on purchasing more colors from this line.

Jacqueline R.

I'm not sure about "luminous dimension", but I definitely like this lipstick.

It goes on smooth, but it's not really any creamier than any other I've tried. I do like that it lasts quite a while and there are a lot of colors in every category (reds, nudes etc.) to choose from, both warm and cool.

My only complaint is that they're not the most pigmented (at least not the nudes) so you may want to wear a foundation underneath for the lighter colors.

Sarah M.
lovely lippy

i use this mostly in the summer it leaves your lips feeling smooth and gives a great coverage. It doesnt last very long on your lips so thats why i gave it an average.