Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation


Jenny C.
Good mid-range option

I bought this in beige 1 and their primer compact at the same time. The powder is fantastic for staying on, I blow my nose often and with other brands it always rubs off in that area (some credit probably goes to the primer too). I also sweat sometimes and this one has managed to stay on 'mostly' in comparison to others.

Considering I paid a lot more for previous powders, this one wasn't too bad. Mid-range and worth its price.

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Abigail H.
Great for sensitive and acne prone skin!

I got this product from my aunt who is a Mary Kay sales rep, and it's one of the best products she's given me so far! I have really sensitive skin, and I have been breaking out lately. I needed something lightweight that would give me a little coverage, and THIS is the product. All you need is a little moisturizer to sink in, and then dust this lightly wherever you like, and voila! It evens my skin and helps cover my acne. It also helps absorb extra oil from my skin throughout the day! I would absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Ellen M.
Keep coming back

I have been using this product since it debuted, and even though I have used other foundations here and there, I always find myself coming back to my tried and true. I have such fair and neutral skin that it is hard to find the right undertone in most brands, but this baby matches perfectly and never leaves my skin feeling dry. I switch between .5 and 1.0 depending on the season (and how creative I'm getting with my contouring) but it always looks seamless. Being a makeup addict I know I will stray at times, but this foundation is always welcome in my kit.

Jeri H.

This is one of the BEST mineral make-ups I have tried. I don't wear a lot of make-up and don't wear everyday, but when I do I love using this foundation. It is light weight so I don't feel it on, doesn't "cake" up on blemishes or "fall" into wrinkles. Just a wonderful product from Mary Kay and I have used all of their foundations and have grown with them :) (still remembering the eyeshadow you have to get wet to put on.)

Ana Laura H.
Lighweight Buildable Coverage

This is a very lightweight mineral coverage. It is very finely shaven that covers your visible pores and other "imperfections". Works great by itself or it could be added to a liquid foundation for a buildable flawless finish. This shine control long wearing formula will not cake or wear off by midday. This product provides the coverage of a foundation with the comfort of a powder giving you a natural or matte finish.

Emily F.
My everyday foundation!

I love Mary Kay's mineral foundation! It's all I use on my face, which is wonderful because I have acne-prone skin. It is light, yet still covers everything! I started with Bare Minerals, but switched to Mary Kay. There are less products that have to go on your face, and it's cheaper. It is still great quality makeup--just as good at the more expensive brands like Bare Minerals!

Asia T.

with the mineral foundation, you don't need a lot unless you want more coverage. i love that this foundation is buildable coverage, and if you have too much coverage, you can take some facial lotion, and blend it in with the mineral powder so you won't have a cakey look. I use the mineral powder in the summer b/c i sweat more, and i dont like a shiny face. This foundation is only $18, and it lasts a long time!

Dani D.
Love this foundation!

I wear this product every day, and I love it! As you work the powder into your skin, it warms and sits so lightly on your skin. I tend to wear this over foundation to set it and it helps my make-up last all day. I tend to have oily skin with breakouts, so I like the fact this product gives you buildable coverage so on good days you dont need very much, but on those bad days, you can build up a couple of layers for your own tailored coverage!

Lisa G.
Good daily powder

This is the first mineral powder I've had. My skin is sensitive to most liquid foundations and I tend to break out the next day after wearing them. The rep told me this powder was 'buildable' for when I want heavier coverage. I find that that's true, but I tend to like a softer look. A great powder for those who want a natural look on a daily basis.

Jenny E.
One of my faves

This is the 1st powder I own and i LOVE it! Its very light weight and since im dark skin it doesn't give me a ashy look. It also covers up well