Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color


Asia T.

As a rep, i have found some colors and shades that work for different types of skin color. about 95% of the eyeshadows work well, where as one or two doesn't show up well. Mary Kay had this stuff called eyesicles, that i believe they should bring back. The eyesicles work as a shadow or underneath a shadow. its base was creamy and once blended, you can use by itself or as a base. the eyeshadows are very pigmented and true to color. i believe its the cheapest product on the market that works VERY WELL.

Mariah G.
Just The Right Amount of Color

The colors are very subtle, not too bright, which happens a lot with eyeshadows. I'm a very natural girl for everyday wear, I prefer to make my cheeks and lips pop, and use mascara to bring drama to my eyes than bright crazy colors. They work well, compliment each other, and also come in small, travel-friendly cases that last forever.

Eliana V.
great for a everyday look

the mary kay eye shadows are good for a quick everyday look for workr, but you can build it up for a night out. Some colors have like a satin finish and others have a little shimmer, but in my experience the light eye shadows need to be build up for my skin tone.

Luna V.
Nice, convenient colour
Photo of product included with review by Luna V.

I'll admit it: I own a lot of Mary Kay. This is because my mother sells it, and a lot of it is very good, but the eyeshadows are not my favourite. For anyone else, they're probably great: pretty, shimmering washes of colour that create very natural looks. I am not a natural girl. My palette consists of Mineral Eye Colors in White Lily, Silver Satin, Black Pearl, and Coal, which are fairly every-day colours for me. They're convenient for traveling since they fit into the magnetic Mary Kay palette and great for work-friendly looks. But I have tons of much more highly-pigmented smoky shadows to do the same thing, amped up times ten.

Like I said, most people will probably love these. I'm just not a neutral glad, you know?