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Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color


Asia T.

i never thought i would wear blush or foundation for that matter until i started with Mary Kay. When i started using this blush and actually learned how to apply it i loved it! This is the first blush that i have ever tried, and as of yet, i haven't tried anyone else's. Because it's mineral, it takes away some of the oils. i love the fact that you can use it as a cheek color or eyeshadow.

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Rebakah G.
Awesome color payoff!

Love love the cherry blossom shade! A little goes a long way with this blush! I also use the cinnamon shade for contouring. Defiantly worth a try if you looking for a great mineral blush.

Julianne J.
Awesome blushes- would love some in full size, not just sample. Want to try more!

My friend was selling MK this year and brought her special bag to school with all the mini samples. I didn't want to buy full size items without trying them in sample form first, so she was nice enough to give me plenty of free samples (although the goal is to make a sale). She gave me 2 Color Cards- 1 Neutrals and 1 Berries. They have a lipstick sample, blush and three eye shadows on them. I still haven't played around with these but I have used up some blush samples she gave me and they were great!

Cherry Blossom- A lovely rosey color that really stands out when paired with deep reds/plums on the lips. Great just as a nice contouring blush.

Sunny Spice- A more coral, matte, light colored blush/bronzer. Sort of light brownish/beige. Reminded me a little of ELF's Studio Blush in Candid Coral and Wet n Wild's Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve your Cabana. Pigmented enough to do a little light contour. Very pretty and versatile.

What's great about the blush samples is that I got at least four applications outta them!

The Color Cards feature Strawberry Cream (which is nice so far) and Bold Berry, so I'm confident they too will be just as great as the two I reviewed. I would definitely get these blushes full sized- they are great, with a really nice color range.

Hope T.
Hope trujillo

I have all the Mary Kay collection in mineral cheek and love every single one of them .. so pigmented and you don't have to use so much... I love blush and all of the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek collection <3

Obose O.
shy pink is amazing!

i have this in shy pink. its a bronzy pink color and i love it because it brings a sun kissed look to my cheeks, its easy to brush on and it lasts long, i often use it as a bronze base for brighter pink blushes

Tashina M.

Hess blushes are so pigments you really don't need a lot. The colors are beautiful. I have all of them. I would get a sample and hate the color on the sheet but as soon as I tried it, I loved it. This was the case for almost all the colors. They are deceiving in the Pam but as soon as you put them on they are amazing. I have seen every color on me and my sisters who are both a lot more tan than I am, and they are universally pretty. Cinnamon stick is my favorite at the moment. Totally gross looking in the pan, really pretty on. Shy blush is a great dupe for NARS orgasm but I like it better because it's not glittery. It's a nice shimmer without being glittery. Bold berry is really pretty as well. It doesn't look like it would be easy to wear in the pan but it is really pretty on my fairn skin with a light hand. I was at first put off by the size of the product compared by the price but when I tried the product it is so worth it. And you don't need to use a lot so they last for a long time. Also, I know you are meant to buy the compact to go with it, but they come in a pretty sturdy package so you really don't have to. I have them all and do not use the compacts.

Rachelle R.

MaryKay has a lot of very wearable and flattering blush colors. I love blush! I have 2 that I use frequently.(sparkling cider & sunny spice) They are soft, blendable, pigmented, and just gorgeous. It comes in a clear package because I think you are meant to put it in a palette but I don't really get down like that, I just use it as is. I seriously recommend you trying out some of their blushes. It is my favorite.

Luna V.
Convenient, smooth colour
Photo of product included with review by Luna V.

I really do like this product, and often go to it more often than my MAC or NARS blushes (which are the only other brands I own--I haven't been into blush until recently). It's very simple to use and great for travel, since the pan magnetically fits into the Mary Kay palette and can easily be paired with their highlighter, which I have snapped in right next to it.

I typically use Cherry Blossom underneath my cheekbones , and if I'm feeling adventurous will use Strawberry Cream on the apples. The colours all seem universally flattering since they apply more or less sheer and can be built up for additional colour.

Tara M.
Nothing special.

The blushes from Mary Kay are okay. I've had better. I've used a couple of colors don't remember which onces exactly. Wouldn't repurchase again but if received as a gift or something I'd use it.