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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Eyeliner


Asia T.

i love the eyeliners b/c they are retractable and they do glide a lot easier than some others that i have tried. MY favorite color is navy and you guys should try our weekender collection eye pencil (they are almost gone).

Andrea H.

I like how this eyeliner is so dark. i can touch my eyelid, and boom. it's sooooo black and glides on smoothly with no tugging. it can transfer and run, but not as much as ones that i have used in the past. I normally don't use pencil liners but i'll do this one. Mary Kay's products can be hit or miss so they were good for this unlike their shitty liquid liner.

Bess R.
It's whats available

First off, I live in Mexico, and the brands that we have available are very limited. So Im trying to use products that are available to the consumer here. This isn't a bad product considering the price point and it works well. It's a pretty basic liner and you get what you pay for. Anybody else in Mexico want more variety? Please help me!!!!!!!

Rachel S.
not too wonderful

It is alright and it will get the job done in a pinch; however, I have to press pretty hard to get any product off and it is not particularly bendable. The product is not that pigmented either. Also because the tube the product comes in is so small it is not the easiest to handle for me. I think there are many brands which have comparable products that are better made.