Mary Kay Cosmetics



Rose D.
I love this product

This is the only concealer I will use. It covers everything, and goes on super smooth! I reccomend this for all skin types. I have redness on my face and it covers it completely.

Jazzlyn W.

My mom works for Mary Kay and I'm glad she does because this is the best concealer I have ever used!!! The color is great, goes on very smooth and perfect, and I don't need to keep reapplying powder. Best concealer I will ever use and I so very much recommend it <3

Asia T.

the color match is GREAT! i have had no problems with this concealer; although i do wish MK would come out with a concealer that i could wear in the summer time that is not liquid..that would be hot!

Emily  M.

personally I thought it was OKAY. it wasn't the best, I would rather use a covergirl one. it looks really cakey on my skin, even though I don't apply much, and tends to crease under my eyes.