On the Dot Eye Color Compact


Emy M.

I really was expecting them to be at least a little noticeable but actually i couldnt even pick them up with my brushes (and i use good brushes so my brushes dont suck lol) and they were very flaky. When you do finger swatches they are pretty good but once you try to apply them on your eyes they dont stick even with a primer... honestly these are not that great and honestly for 15 dollars! i feel like its to pricey comparing to buying an 88 palette haha

Angie R.
No color...

I was so excited when I ordered this from Avon. Once I got it, I came home and immediately put it on... and kept putting it on... and kept putting it on and it took soooo long to actually see the color. They're very sheer and also very small. It just didn't work for me.