Franky F.
Light and glowing.

The formula is great for all skin types and does not rub off or flake (dust) off like other mineral powders do, gives great coverage and is the best on the market.

Santana V.
I like it...
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a lil goes a long way, depending onb how u want it.. I just use some to even out my skin, it covers up the lil parts i need . i find that it last me through the day. I also recommed dusting with some powder to help set it. Follow me i am mark. rep if you would like to purchase, I have free shipping for 1st time shoppers!

Andrea R.
Nice but...

It's a good foundation. It covers amazingly and gives a beautiful luminous complexion.....However... It never dries completely, so even though it says it's a cream to powder, you need to set it, which I would recommend Mark. Matte Nificent Oil Absorbing Powder to do so since it's such a fine transluscent powder. Also, it can settle into lines or dry areas, so it's vital to use a primer such as Mark. Primed for Perfection. It helps so much to use a primer before applying any makeup.

Otherwise, this is a nice foundation