Kissink Lip Tintmarker Smooch-Proof Lip Stain

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Andrea B.

I got one of these from a fellow rep, and it's a nice product. Smells good, great color and easy to apply, however depending on how I applied it, it wouldn't last that long, especially in the middle of my lips. You have to apply this to dry clean lips. Also, it helps to apply a layer, wait to dry, blot and apply another. Red Siren is a beautiful deep red color

Tiffany V.
Lasts near 24 hours

I just received two of these mark stains and absolutely love them. I hate reapplying color time and time again just to have it come off. This color stayed on over night and with just a touch of gloss it looks like I freshly applied a beautiful color. It's smudge proof and doesn't come off. It even passed the "guy test", meaning it will not come off on your man and leave him looking like he's also wearing lipstick.