I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow


Miriam R.
Photo of product included with review by Miriam R.

I love mark eyeshadows. In this picture I used Piccadilly on my cousin. She has green eyes it made her green eyes sparkle! I love the ones that are shimmery because they are not too shimmery so I don't end up with sparkly fall out all over my face. Not all i-mark eyeshadows are shimmery, a couple of i-marks are matte.

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Tyler S.
Love the colors!

I got Violet Ink and Mystical for my Prom makeup since my sister sells mark. and they were amazing! They didn't smear or crease and everyone loved it! I definitely want to get some more to try out!

Rachel R.
New shades

Mark is coming out with New Shades the next Magalog. I am so excited. They come in matte, shimmer, metallic, and satin textures. My favorite is Whisper it is a great neutral color that is great for highlighting.

Felicia S.
Top Quality Eyeshadows

I love the mark. brand by Avon! Their eyeshadows are fantastic. They last long, blend well, and come in some beautiful colors. They also come in some neat "it kit" mini palettes that are so innovative and cool to have! I highly recommend these eyeshadows, the pigmentation is good and they don't crease or fade easily.

Andrea R.

I don't buy shadows too often but I got these in Whisper & Tiki and they're great neutrals. The i-marks are so pigmented and you get such a good amount of product. They're affordable and can be put in the customizable cases. Plus now there are metallics and so much more. They're great, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone

Ondria Y.

my favorite colors are dragonfly, piccadilly, luvstruck, whisper, lotus, and gioia! i like that I can use the mark. snap to it's to organize my favorite shadows. they also make a good liner. they have a video on youtube showing how you can take the eyeliner brush, dip it in a little water, and then in the corner of one of the shadows to use it as a liner. YAY!

Krystal B.

I love the shimmer effect it brings to my eyes. Its fun, I can mix and match colors in the magnetic palette, and it is easy to work with. I also love the neutral colors, I wear the soft browns and tans everyday.

Jennifer C.
fun and affordable

Back before I knew a ton about makeup, I was so amazed at the customizable magnetic palette. These affordable shadows have pretty good color payoff, and the shadows last forever. I have a bunch of colors. Some are better than others, but overall I'm happiest with the shimmery ones.

Nichole C.
nice texture

Pros: SO PIGMENTED!!, they are not expensive, they all have a very nice silky texture Cons: they are a little too shimmery,and not a very wide color selection my favorite color is : lotus

Brittany H.
hit or miss.

Some of the shadows can be very pigmented and others have no pigment at all. So you're really taking a gamble when you order online. I would seek out your local mark rep so you can test the colors out in person. The price is very affordable.