Get in Line Hook Up Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner


Hannah B.
Perfect for winged eyeliner

This eyeliner has a thin brush and a super dark black that I love. Its thin brush is perfect for wings and its deep black works with any skin tone. I honestly love it and use it daily. I'm addicted!

Kelly K.

Ive been practicing my "cat eye" skills with this product for months and its great! The applicator is very thin and leaves a fine line exactly where you place it. Takes some practice to get a natural look. The consistency of this liquid eyeliner is what you'd expect. It doesn't dry super fast and can be smudged out along the lash line. Great to line the upper lash line (with or without a winged out look). I definitely recommend this product.

Toneylynn P.

Though this product is small, I feel as though it just happens to be the perfect size for me. For some reason I just don't seem to be able to finish full sized eyeliners. My favorite feature by far is the thin brush. It makes it so much easier to be precise with my eyeliner, specially with winger eyeliner looks. The only thing I don't like is not being able to pick this product up in a store, other than that its amazing.

Mackenzie D.

The quality is nice, but I agree with Kristine C., it smudges really easily. In addition, something in the tube popped up and I realised there wasn't all that much product in it.. however for what there is, I like it! If you don't want a metallic looking liner, don't buy this.

Kristine C.
waterproof, but I wish it's smudgeproof.

I was testing out the eye liner to see if it was really waterproof by drawing it on my hand and ran the tap over it. It was waterproof alright, but when i smudged it, it smudged.

I got both a black one and a purple one: the black one was great, but the purple one seemed to be a little watery. It's not so bad though, because when it dries, the color shows.