Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15


Joann M.
I like it

I really like this tinted moisturizer - it moisturizes, evens out my skin, has SPF 15, and does not leave my skin feeling greasy. I didn't have any issues with blending or streaking, I apply it with a dense flat top brush. I've also tried other tinted moisturizers and although Mark's isn't the best imo, its definitely worth trying if you're in the market.

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Rachel R.
Great for summer

This is great product that I love to wear in the summer months. The coverage is sheer and it makes my skin look really youthful. I also like wearing this to work since it is so sheer and it doesn't make me look too made up.

Jackie G.
Awesome Product!

This tinted moisturizer not only provides just the right amount of coverage it leaves your skin matte which is really important for me in the Summer when I like to use this product! I find that other tinted moisturizers leave my skin slick and too dewy looking!

Anita S.

I love this product . It moisturizes and gives you color without feeling like you have makeup caked on your face . I dont think i will ever use any other tinted moisturizer !

Franky F.
Works great for me

Yes I am a MARK rep and I use this product because it is lightly tinted and does help even out my sking tone. I mainly use it daily though for the SPF protection, not very noticable what I am looking for and does not get streaky or anyhting due to perspiration while I am at work. It does help moisturize too and is great for guys.

Andrea B.

I have shade honey/golden and it's just leaves me with a golden glow and also a flawless face, It's $10 which you can get at Avon or, but this a must have product especially for the days I don't want to wear any makeup, this is all I need.

Santana V.
Loveee, must have Fave.

I am a mark. rep but i honestly love this product!! i ahve loved it before i became a rep. I love the SPF and i love the fact that it has moisturizer, my face feels so soft. It great if you dont wanna wear foundation. It light and very natural looking. I recommend this to my customers that dont use makeup much.

A must have for summer.

Nicole B.
another great summertime item

I use this when i am too lazy to put on foundation and concealer. this makes my face look refreshed and awake! woohoo! just swipe on mascara and you are good to go! what i do love about this product is that it is a tinted moisturizer with SPF so you feel protected. ALSO, it is great for those who are just experimenting with makeup or who are not big makeup fans - this "foundation" will not scare you!

Sh-nee W.

I am a mark. rep and I loveeeee Get a Tint. Originally I thought I was going to use it as a demo product, but I tried it and completely love it. However, the one that came in my starter kit was in shade buff/natural, which somehow works on my skin. But I think if I get shade honey/golden, I'll be even more in love lol

Carolyn H.
Must Have for Summer/Quickies

After a looping day in the airport and on a plane the only makeup I had was this and Marks coral fixation lip click. It kept my skin moisturized and evened out my skin tone.

It's also been my main form of SPF during my stay in DR and is saving my butt from sunburn!

Must have!