Full Color Lipstick

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Andrea B.
Great lipstick for a GREAT price :]
Photo of product included with review by Andrea B.

This is a great lipstick. I'm more of a natural, lip balm, lip gloss person, but I've been trying out different lipsticks. I'm a mark. Representative so I decided to get samples for customers and myself of course haha. I tried this lipstick in Coral Fixation, which I thought would be super bright and weird on me but it looked great on my NC42 skintone. Whiney is a great Purple shade for fall. Toasty, is the lipstick I'm wearing in the picture and it's a great pinky-nude color, I love it so much! I'm definitely going to get the full sized ones <3

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Nicole B.

I just love lip click. I was never a big fan of lipstick, so i decided to try this one just for fun. I have it in bare hug, sweetie pie, and coral fixation! I love how easily it glides onto your lips. You can mix it up with different lip glosses and it doesn't look tacky!