Mario Badescu

Buffering Lotion


Megan S.
My saviour

I suffer from adult cystic acne and tried so many other products without success.

This is the only product, along with the acne clearing face wash and the drying mask, which has helped me clear my skin. This product is amazing and actually works!

Meghan H.
My Holy Grail skincare item!

I've suffered with cystic acne since high school and tried everything, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, Proactiv, nothing would work. And in hopes of healing my acne, those skincare lines just chemically burned my skin. A cosmetics consultant at a Nordstrom recommended Mario Badescu to me, and I approached it with low hopes, but the results have been amazing! My skin is finally clear, and the Buffering Lotion healed my cystic acne within 2 weeks. It was incredible. A cystic bump that I had had in my skin for over a month was gone in a matter of days, thanks to Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. I HIGHLY recommend this product!