Smoky Lash

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Nicole A.
very bad

I bought this from sephora during the Rouge sale and it is one of the worst mascaras I've ever used. 1st off it does nothing for length besides not being black enough it's also very dry and flakey. I have to use several coats to even get ok volume. I love a lot of mufe products but this mascara did not cut it, especially with the 22$ price tag nothing special (:

Rox O.
Pure love!

I just love this mascara, combined with They're Real they give me the perfect lashes! I never need to use false lashes anymore! :) The price is not so great and in a few weeks the mascara dries out. But worth it.

Kaysi W.
Short lived success...

I got this in a value set by MUFE and I LOVED lashes looked AMAZING. Volume, was great. BUT within I would say 2 to 3 weeks, the tube was almost completely dried out, and my lashes flaked SO bad every time I put it on. I ended up with TONS of little flakes all over my cheeks every single day, so I figured...."well that tube came in a kit...maybe it had been sitting there for a while? I'll try a new tube"....sadly, the same exact results. It was nice at first, but not worth the price.

Katie M.
Great product--but too fickle

I LOVED the way this made my lashes look, but that's really where it ends. This flaked on me a lot, which is a problem I've never had before. By the end of the day I'd have little mascara flakes all around my eyes-not cool. It also dried up fairly quickly. I use mascara almost every day generously because of my light-colored lashes, so I don't have a problem with using up tubes of mascara. This just dried up so quickly! It made my lashes look PHENOMENAL but it totally is not worth the price/aftermath for me to repurchase.

Lisa May L.

I love this mascara. I purchased this a couple of times and never has it once disappointed me. I love the application because I don't have to use a heavy hand to apply and it's barely ever clumpy. Def will purchase again!

Crystal H.
Great mascara

I am a true fan of Lancome's Definicils. I always try new mascaras, but always go back. While I love this product, I am not saying that it will replace my long time fave. But I will say that when I want a little more drama than Definicils gives me, I will use this. It thickens, lengthens, and has the perfect consistancy! I will keep this mascara in my rotation.

Christina T.

This is my favorite high-end mascara! I love the brush and the formula as well. It is pretty pricey so I only purchased it about two times, but other than that I really loved it.

Anh P.
Great mascara

I used to only swear by this mascara, however, not long after I got it, my tube started giving me a weird smell. It's a weird habit I have to smell my makeup to make sure it's not getting bacteria in it. Mascaras are supposed to last about 3 months and you SHOULD change it every 3 months. After getting rid of this mascara, I found something else I love for my lashes. However, weird one-time smelly tube aside, it works amazingly for my little asian lashes. I really love the wand and the formulation. I just thought I should give other brands a try after this bad stint.

Janel B.
Gives my lashes the extra boost.

My lashes are already long and thick to begin with, but when it comes to mascara I try to find mascaras that will define my lashes. I'm hesitant when it comes to mascaras that cost more than $20 so I was pretty happy when my friend purchased this mascara for my birthday. Not only does this mascara make my lashes look long and black but they flare out my lashes for more definition.

I'm not a big fan of the brush since it's still the old fashion bristles, which still tends to flake. Docking half a star for the price and another half for the bristles, but if the brushes turned plastic like Benefits and Buxom Lashes this mascara would be absolutely perfect.

Jill O.
all dried up

I got a mini one once in a sephora lash sampler set and it was the only one in the bath that was all dry and nasty. Almost unusable.

Then I got a gift set which had a full sized, I was excited because I wanted to give it another shot. It too was all dried up.

Not worth the fuss if they show up half the time all dried up.