Powder Blush

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Dawn C.
What a great color!

I actually use this as a transition color on my eyes, it's a true matte red/brown that looks great on my skin. I used it as a blush for the first time this week and was very happy with the application and coverage. You don't need a lot and this is a great everyday color.

The only down-side for me is the price. I recently discovered La Femme blushes and cannot justify paying so much money for MUFE when La Femme is just as good, but much, much less expensive.

If you are like the 'prestige' of owning a high-priced blush at least MUFE are a great quality.

jazzica Q.
bright, vibrant beautiful hot pink.

i usually use this as an eyeshadow or liner...but i have also used this as a blush. it's a fantastically bright shade and it stays for a long time...i highly recommend this.

Ryan S.
Love the Color

At first I was a little concerned with the blush due to the small container it arrived in. However, when I used it and realized how little product it took I was satisfied. It seems like MUFE likes to pack "powerful" products in small packages. I have yet to buy a MUFE product that I detest.

Huda A.

I cant remember the one I have (not close to me now to read the label :D) but it's a beautiful orangy-peachy color. it is soooooooooooooo lovely, I cant describe enough how i love it. it very pigmented, just a little goes a long way. it does last for a very long time. I only need to touch up just once. sometimes even never :D Highly recommended