HD Microperfecting Primer To Go

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Julianne J.
From the HD Complexion Starter Kit, My Go-to Primer

I got to try out this primer because it came with the MUFE HD Complexion Starter Kit, which had a really nice selection of face products. I always use this primer before using the HD foundation because that foundation is not super moisturizing, and I have super dry skin. This primer is more of a creamy lotion, as mentioned before, and is quite moisturizing, although my t-zone is still a dry problem area. It adds a beautiful glow to the skin and makes the foundation more luminous. The more you layer the foundation the less dewey the look, so keep that in mind if you use those two products together, because the foundation is incredibly full coverage. I love the fresh, skincare-like scent and my dry skin immediately drinks it in. I like that its not a silky, silicone primer because I don't really like the texture of those. I would love to use this in combo with another foundation, TM or what have you to see if it still maintains that beautiful glow when its initially applied. The last foundation I used was super dewy and I didn't need a primer, but this foundation is way too drying, so this primer is a must. I think they work together quite well. I'm interested in trying the serum that is in the same line as the HD Primer and HD Foundation. All in all I had similar experiences as Ariel, Rhonda and Kikikulala, so that might shed light on its dependability.

Johanna H.
This Product is FANTASTIC!!!

I would like to start off my saying ... I really hate stuff on my face. If I can avoid anything on my skin I do, even including lotion on my arms and legs ... if I can avoid it. This used to include foundation, until I found this primer, paired with Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation. It feels so light and airy, the only way that I can tell that it's there is that when I take it off at night my skin feels AH-MAZING!!! It also helps with wear. My foundation stays on twice as long and goes on twice as smoothly when I pop this on underneath ... it's kind of incredible.

Kikikulala L.

i luv this! it gives my face with natural glow and smell super good. It is like a skincare rather than just a primer.

Elizabeth W.
Loving this

I recently bought this primer when i was looking for makeup for my wedding day. I went to the make up store and asked them what would keep my makeup on all day. They told me this product and they were so right. I have been usuing it ever since. This little bottle will last you almost a whole year, you barely need a drop for the whole face. I love this product!

Ariel L.

Nice product! It reminds me more of a lotion type of primer rather than skin smoothing but it does do a job. My makeup goes on nice and even, and lasts through out the entire day.

Rhonda H.

This one reminds me of a gel in how it settles on your skin. It does a decent job with my large pores, though it has more trouble with any dry skin patches. I've got eczema, and if my skin is feeling at all sensitive that day it can sting just a bit. Overall it's a great one, and I'd buy it again if my favorite wasn't available.

Michelle C.
Not for oily or dry skin!

I really wanted to love this product. It has a very watery texture and when you apply it to the skin it doesnt provide a smooth base. It does nothing to control oils or fill in even the tiniest or pores. It feels pretty moisturizing but somehow enhances dryness =( This product is nothing special, such a disappointment :-/

Sophiaa K.
Did not like this

This primer did not make my makeup last all day even though I was using it with the Makeup Forever HD foundation. After a couple of hours of just sitting at my desk at work my makeup wouldn't look very good and I would start to look dry around my chin. I would not recommend this primer to anyone, I'll stick with my smash box photo finish primer which works wonders under the makeup forever hd foundation