HD Invisible Cover Foundation


Krishna B.
Great Foundation for Photo shoots!
Photo of product included with review by Krishna B.

I use this foundation for almost every photo shoot I do and so far, I have no complaints! It photographs beautifully and covers well without looking heavy or cakey! I personally do not wear it because I have oily skin and I need a matte finish, whereas this foundation is satin. But for most other skin types, its perfection! Attached is an unedited photo of a model I did so you can see what I mean!

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Maria O.
Great for the every day woman and SUPER for MUAs
Photo of product included with review by Maria O.

This foundation is fabulous because it already has silicone incorporated in it so it glides on easily. The light reflecting particles in this HD foundation works wonders for fashion and beauty photography. I reccomend #117, #128 & #178 for beginning MUAs to carry in their kits and custom create colors out of those three. I used MUFE HD foundation on the model in the photo attached.

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Launa A.
A Must Have
Photo of product included with review by Launa A.

I initially purchased this foundation because I needed it on set for a movie that was being filmed. This was one of the only HD foundations I could find in the area at short notice. It was a bit expensive, but it was well worth it. It did well with reducing shine and the coverage was great. It's medium to full coverage. I was very satisfied with the results I received on set so I also used it on several clients for photoshoots and weddings. I love the flawless, natural finish it gives. I even use it for myself from time to time.

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Johanna H.
I will never wear another foundation

I was a HARD CORE Mac Studio Fix Fluid fan. Not only do I have SEVERE discoloration on my face, but I also have unwanted facial hair that I feel the need to cover with my foundation and I simply resigned myself a long time ago that I was just going to have to cake it on in order to solve this problem. Not true with this foundation. Not only does it have AMAZING coverage in just one pump, but it also feels like nothing is on my skin. I also throw in some of the Makeup Forever Elixir to add some moisture and my skin feels AMAZING when I take it off @ night. No dryness, no irritation, just flawless skin :)

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Mer C.
Great Colour Match: Skin Issues
Photo of product included with review by Mer C.

Liquid foundations and I have a love hate relationship. I used liquid back in high school but couldnt find a good colour match - plus I wanted more coverage. I have been using cream foundation since makeup school but really wanted to try liquid foundation again. I went into Sephora and tried a few but once I sampled the Makeup Forever HD foundation I stopped looking. The colour match was extraordinary. I have never been able to find any foundation that so perfectly matches my skin colour right out of the bottle, which is evident in the photo as I had to circle where I had applied the foundation because otherwise you couldnt see it! Usually I have to buy two and mix them and at their price I couldn't afford to do that. The price always seems to be a downside; this sells for about $40US and $46CDN, compared to MAC's foundations, MAC is about $10 cheaper, and MAC comes with an spf in most of theirs which might be a downside to some, but I react badly to sunscreen so it's definitely a pro for me.

I applied it right after I got home and it looked fantastic on my skin, coverage was pretty sheer though you can build but I just mixed cream concealer with the liquid foundation and added that to the places I needed more coverage. (which I recommend if you are looking for more coverage in specfic areas. If you are looking for more coverage liquid foundation is probably not your best bet, as liquids tend to provide sheer coverage, try a cream foundation if you are looking for something with a lot of coverage and if applied properly can still look flawless and light) About an hour later I decided to do my eyes and when I looked at my face in the bright lights I noticed that my skin didn't look nearly as good as it did when I put it on. It had settled into all my fine lines (and made me notice some I didn't even know I had!) I wasn't too happy about that, as I felt I looked a little worse for wear instead of flawless like I had intially. Not one to give up I tried it the next few days with different techniques and powders. All the same results, but complete with little bumps all around my cheeks and jaw. Apparently my sensitve skin couldnt handle the liquid foundation seeping into my skin as it did. Still not wanting to give up on liquid foundation all together I decided to buy a primer. (Smashbox's photo finish colour correcting in green.) With the primer the foundation was honestly so much better. It stopped the foundation from seeping into the fine lines in my face and causing bumps. Though even with the primer I find I have to exfoliate my skin every few days to avoid any more bumps or breakouts, but I have extreme sensitive skin (I'm allergic to most bubble baths and sunscreen!) and most people won't have the same skin reactions to this as I do,though I still recommend a primer with the liquid foundation to stop from seeping into fine lines.

I do like the pump compared to liquid foundations that you have to pour. It's a lot easier to use and you have better control over how much product comes out. Plus if you bump it over it won't spill out.

Overall if you are looking for a good liquid foundation with a wide range of colour choices I would definitely recommend this. But as I said before if you looking for something with a lot of coverage go with a cream over a liquid.

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Lehi I.
Horrible for wonders for my friend

i bought this thinking that it would be the best foundation in the world!But i recently found out that this is mostly for oily skin!I have dry skin!So i gave it to my bff because she has oily skin and she cannot afford this.I helped her apply it with a stippling brush and all the acne that she had "disapeerd" into thin air i was amazing how her skin looked SOOO flawless!She was soo happy!

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Chava L.
I love it and I hate it

The product goes on initially amazing, but with in 30 mins it looks like a hot mess on my slightly oily skin. It is amazing for those with dry or normal skin. Oily skin, be warned.

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Fanni M.
Go to Going Out foundation

I got this product in the shade 110 Pink Porcelain. I have combination to oily skin but this foundation feels really good on my skin, doesn't clog the pores and has an amazing coverage. When I use it, it feels like I don't have anything on my skin. Though I have to say, it looks much better on camera (hence the name) than in person but the coverage is still very natural. It hides my acne scars and hyperpigmentations perfectly, I just simply don't like to use a full coverage foundation on a daily basics. However this is my go to going out foundation! :)

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Renn P.

love it! This foundation is effortless! Very natural! it feels like i have nothing on which i am looking for in a foundation! I've tried so much foundation and I never had anything so perfect for my skin. Glad I took a chance to try this one!

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Jacqlyn W.
Best foundation EVER.

This foundation is the best makeup purchase I have ever made in my life. It has EXCELLENT coverage. It covers my darkest acne marks with ease, and you can build coverage. It feel so nice and smooth on my skin. I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin, and this has helped me in all of my skin issues. It gives my face a moisturized look, without an oily finish, it doesn't irritate my skin, and best of all, it lets my acne actually heal without pore clogging ingredients. I am not clear ever since I started using this foundation. It stays on forever, and does well in heat and humidity. It also stays true to its color instead of turning orange. I found that also pairing this foundation with the MUFE HD Color Correcting Primer in Green, makes the application even better. My skin looks completely flawless, and I have gotten so many compliments. My boyfriend said my skin even looks better with this makeup. I love how this doesn't transfer either, and no matter how much coverage you want, you won't look cakey.

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