Tendertones Lip Balm SPF 12

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Sofia I.
Love at first sight exists♥

OK now this is my new love! From the day I bought Tread Gently I use it every single day! It's really hydrating and not sticky at all, it smells and tastes awsome and it gives the most amazing subtle golden shine to my lips! has SPF!

The only serious problem Ihave with these is that from that day I can't stop thinking I want the orange one too:-P

Jacquelyn J.
Amazing product!

I have purchased all four of the Tendertones from the MAC Shop/Cook collection and they are amazing! My favorites are Hush Hush and Purring! Those are my go-to tendertones most of the time and sometimes I'll use Tread Gently and Hot 'n' Saucy. I also backed them up except for Hot 'n' Saucy when they restocked them online.

Emily W.

I love these so much, I have the Hot 'n' Saucy one and its the prettiest sheer red! Its too bad that they are limited edition): I love the strawberry kiwi smell and the moisture it provides!

Ingrid N.

I JUST got my hands on this, literally an hour ago and I'm in love! The texture isn't heavy at all, despite my impression when I saw it in the jar. The color of this is to die for! A beautiful nude on its own and a gorgeous sheen when layered on another lipstick. The SPF is definitely a plus. And the wonderful, sweet, fruity smell just won me over!