Slimshine Lipstick

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Nadia N.

I liked these ok I had funshine and it was too light orange for me. They applied smoothly and they did give me a light glossy effect and these a really sheer. They do come off really quickly so I had to reapply a lot.

Lauren C.
these are a hot mess

These came out back when I was still working for mac. I was given quite a few of these as gratis and was expected to wear them while working. I hated wearing them. They are a hot mess! You go to apply them and the lipstick bullet just melts and slides everywhere. Very gloopy, gross!

Brandy A.

I love this slimshine because i love the texture of it. It's like a lipstick and a gloss put in one. I love the fact that they aren't sticky. I really wish they didn't discontinue them because I wish I could've tried other colors especially because I love the one I have right now.