Ericka M.
easy to apply, love the look

I am going through a gradual makeover (making chamges little by little), and makeup is one of my biggest challenges. I haven't worn makeup in about 20 years, so I am re-learning how to put on makeup. Thus, the shadestick is the perfect eyeshadow for me. It goes on easily, with theease of coloring with a marker. I applied it just above my eyelashes, and then blended it up. I loved thesoft look it gave me! And the shade I chose, 'Warm and Cozy', made my eyes look even more blue. I will definitely purchase this product again!

Nadia N.

It was a great base and it worked very well and I think it was the best base I ever used. I loved Beigeing and Sharskin, I loved the new formulations for the sugarsweet collection. I have cakeshop and red velvet and they work even better I wish they would bring them back

Pam Y.

This is a great cream eyeshadow and is very basic and easy to use. It's in a marker type tube so it's easy to apply and you don't even have to get your hands messy. I love the way this looks on its own but I also like to wear eye shadows on top of it and use it as a base/primer. This is also a great hightlighter for under the brow.

Crystina D.
Shadestick+Powdered Shadow=MAGIC!

I have the black grease paint stick and I use the Carbon shadow on top of it and the resul is a smooth black that's almost blue. The greasepaint stick stays and doesn't crese to much so I like that as well. Like Diana S said, it's also good for an eyeliner as well.

Diana S.
Shadow, base, eyeliner all in one.

I have always loved MAC Shadesticks. I am truly heartbroken that they have discontinued many of the shades. I love using them as an eyeshadow base and on my eyes they don't crease. I get many uses out of one and they are very versatile. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyeshadow base all in one. Some places you can still find a variety of the colors, and occasionally MAC re-promotes or comes out with new shade colors. So if you are at a Mac counter ask about them and try them out. You may just fall in love with them the way that I have.