Select SPF 15


Taylor I.
This foundation is OK!

OK... So I got this foundation and this is just regular foundation. It may say MAC on it but that dosen't mean that the foundation is good. It was about $25 and it is kinda cakey looking on me. I apply it correctly and try to make it look the best but it just won't go. MAC Products are MUCH better for eyeshadows and stuff. But, I don't really recommend this to people. It may be the color but i don't think it is. I will try Maybelline Fit Me next. So, please subscribe to my youtube and stuff to keep up with my videos. And looks at my profile and follow me to see my recent activity. L8TR

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Alyson P.
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I use this foundation for my freelancing work, it gives a soft coverage I'm able to build it a little bit so thats always a plus.It gives a natural look very good for photoshoots and evryday wear...the only down side id say is that when you put it on blend it right away to the face or it will kinda dry so its harder to blend!!

Nuru A.
I would recommend this for oily skin

Love this foundation, I needed a foundation for the summer that was suitable for work and had decent coverage. I was using MAC's Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation and considering my scarring from previous breakouts, I don't have the luxury of being able to use just that and be satisfied. I'm a sucker for liquid anyway so when the lady saw I had oily skin she recommended I use this over the Face and Body and I haven't looked back since. I found you need to work it in pretty quickly because it's water based. I would also recommend if you use the 187 brush to apply, be sure to buff it in really well. I use the Studio Fix powder to set my foundation and I use my 109 brush for the buffing it in and it works really well for me. Pair this foundation with the use Laura Mercier's Oil Free Primer and you are good to go!

Regina A.
use it everday

i like the select spf the best out of all the MAC foundations its light weight n i can alwasy build coverage n its not to cakey at all, i am a NC 40 and it matches my skin great i use this everyday and a reasonable price for what u get i wish it had a pump. i tink they sell some now with pumps or u have to buy the pump?mine didn't come with one, and i never got around to buying one

Amanda K.

first foundation that matched me perfectly. still one of my faves to this day. its the only one i use besides other mac ones and MUFE was used before but i still go back to this stuff! its great!

Nancy P.

only foundation that doesnt make me breakout. it also stays on all day with my oily skin.the pump was really helpful b/c one pump was good for my whole face,this foundation is amazing! and i have super super sensitive skin. love this product!

Diyana S.
Good for a natural look

I like this foundation for a natural everyday look. In my opinion, it gives you that "your skin but better" look. I use this foundation for work as I don't like looking too made-up. This is not a medium coverage foundation as claimed. It's very sheer. With primer, it lasts on my combination-oily skin for about 8-9 hours. I do have to blot with blotting paper in the afternoon though, but that goes for other foundations too. My only complaint is that this does "stick" to dry patches of skin. When I get a little bit dry around my mouth, I stipple it on instead of buffing it in with my brush. And yes, it does oxidize slightly but it doesn't bother me as my skin is quite dark so you can't really tell.

Myrna P.

I barely wear this foundation. I like it, I just have too many. As a newbie I was trying everything. I like that this foundation is not too cakey, has SPF, and not oily at all. I bought mine over a year ago and still it looks as if I bought it yesterday ( I have used it just not as much)

Jessika H.
Like it alot =)

Like Amanda K. This is also the first foundation I've found that natches me perfectly. It doesen't get cakey on me and I apply it with my fingers. Cause it dries quite quickly And with a brush if I'm not fast enough it can get kindof streaky. But I think the coverage and the matte finnish makes it worth it!

Curiosidades E.
Not for me

I had high hopes for this....I found it very thin....does not give great coverage...I do use it in the summer for the spf properties but it gets easily rubbed off. I found it too thin for me but others may like it. For the price I paid I was very disappointed.