Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 15

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Lisa C.
Best way to store your eye shadow
Photo of product included with review by Lisa C.

I love the look of these MAC palettes they are sleek and clean and they have a nice hard case to protect the shadows. I pop out the tray so instead of 15 it can hold more (the amount depends on what brand eye shadows you put in) It will also give you eye shadows from protection from falls, Mine have taken a few tumbles and none have broken yet. It also makes it so nice to see multiple eye shadows at once to help you decided what to wear.

I like to store mine in a mail divider they stack there nicely and look nice.

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Linzi F.
Perfect for traveling!

I travel with my husband all the time & I love it to put just what you want to take with you. I am just getting into these because I am trying to make room in the bathroom.

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Natalie G.
Make room for MORE!

I love this pallet because you can take out the center divider and fill it up with up to 20 eye shadows instead of 15 (depending on the size of the shadow) once I take out the divider, I depot my shadows (on youtube)... with the remaining MAC eye shadow pots- I save them for the Back to MAC program and I load up on lip sticks =) watch links below for help. How to depot a MAC Pallet How to depot MAC eye shadows

Krystina C.
Love the pallet,hated the experience at MAC

Love the pallet, so happy I bought it even if the staff where I bought it were a little rude, the awesomeness of being able to cut down on storage/great for travel make up for it. (Get it, Makeup) Can't see myself buying pots again!

Ariane C.

These are the coolest thing since sliced bread. They are esthetically pleasing, easy to travel with, customizable, solid, and fit quite a few shadows in them. I have a couple of these and they are really worth the money. Plus, pro-pans are cheaper than regular potted MAC shadows. You really can't go wrong!

Nadia N.
Love these!

This is great for organizing especially you are becoming a makeup artist. It holds 15 which is a big amount and magnetized. There are great for travel and they are strong most definitely.

Jacquelyn J.
I absolutely love them!!!

I really love the MAC eyesahdow palette!! They are so amazing and so versatile to travel with. Right now I own 9 eyeshadow palettes! I'm going to purchase another one soon when I buy more eyeshadows.

Duchesz D.
Love It

ordered my first one online two years ago. they're a great size &&its been plenty of times where i had to rush &&take it with me on the go but it fits in my purses without effort. I went to D.C. last year &&like two shadows got shifted from being in my luggage. but thats probably a no brainer l0l

Bebe E.

these are slim and great for traveling!!! I find that it doesn't take up as much room as the Uni palette. You can purchase these are you local mac standing store. They don't sell them at counters.

Krishna B.
Photo of product included with review by Krishna B.

I am a huge fan of these palettes! I know there are Uni and Z and other palettes out there, but I find the MAC ones to just be way more accessible and affordable. And I just pop out the top tray so that I can fit any size eyeshadow from any brand inside!