Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

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tyharshman I.
perfect feeling skin.

amazing product. very naturally hydrated finish. awesome to pair with select cover concealor by mac. great to work with your hands. easy to obtain an airbrushed finish with a buffing brush. looks amazing with prep and prime translucent powder.

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Victoria S.

best thing ever invented. Gives the right amount of colouring and the shades are perfect. Lots of moisturizing and stuff too

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Danielle H.

I am in the sun a lot, at least 5 hours a is really hard to wear makeup on top of face sun screen without it getting oily and sticky. This BB cream has an SPF 35 and acts more as a base/tinted primer. I absolutely love it and apply it with my new favorite brush, MAC 187 duo fibre brush. I use the same brush to put some of my Studio fix powder over it, and it looks flawless. I have gotten so many compliments with this combination. Definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a more light coverage product that gives you a healthy glow!

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Monica H.

Not quite a tinted moisturizer and not quite a foundation, but the perfect combination of both. Every time I wear this, which has been frequent because of the cold weather, everyone says how amazing my skin looks. You can leave it dewy or powder it to help it last a little longer and tends to last all day on me, and I'm a busy girl. My favorite way to apply it is a Real Techniques Buffing brush.

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Brittney M.
There's Better Out There

I thought that this was going to be the best BB cream ever. But it is the PREP & PRIME!! So as far as coverage goes, there is little to none. For me, I have super uneven skin tone, so if I want this product to even come close to evening out my skin I have to apply at least 2-3 coats. Which isn't all that bad. But I do keep repurchasing just because its a wonderful primer like product. The best way to really put this BB cream on for me, was my fingers. I like it and would recommend this to someone with little flaws. Smashbox is the BEST american BB cream in my opinion.

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Terri S.
Great underneath foundation, but not like the Korean BBs!

I love my MAC. Let's just get that out of the way! I have tried several BB creams, and I feel that the American market just missed the mark on these. (Yes, I know MAC is a Canadian company!) The Korean ones are really great, although they do have a white "afterglow" to them. But from my understanding that is what the market calls for in Korea. Anyhow, I like this MAC BB underneath foundation as a primer but not as a tinted moisturizer per say. I don't feel it gives the best coverage for those with hyperpigmentation or cover blemishes that well. The shade range is VERY limited so if you have a deeper skin tone you are out of luck. The consistency is like any other lotion or tinted moisturizer. Nothing to run out and buy, I think the Smashbox BB cream is by far the BEST AMERICAN BB cream on the market and I'd recommend that to others before I would recommend this!

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Jessica C.
Like it

Please do note that the one you get from duty free is different from the ones you get at MAC counters in the states. The ones at the counter are only PA++ compared to the duty free which is PA+++ in sun protection.

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Ellen J.

When I bought this I wanted a BB cream that I could wear in its own. However, this product provides little coverage so I can't wear without foundation or at least a powder over the top to give some coverage and a finished look. However, it is a really good product if you want a primer! It provides a nice base for my MAC foundation and also helps my make up last for ages! It is now a must for me on a night out as my make up looks great for the whole matter how long I decide to party for!

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Mila  R.
Worth it!

This product is heavenly! Every one should get it because it's like apart of you when you buy it. This BB cream is the best I have ever tried. The range of colours is good as well, I enjoy this product so much that it has become my priority.

Anna K.
BB Cream with most coverage

My skin gets spots on and off. Sometimes its bad and other times its in pretty alright condition. This BB cream is wonderful. Totally evens out my skin tone in one layer, then the next covers most of my problems... Really love it! Feels SOOO light!!!