Jessica H.
In Love with PIGMENT :) seriously

I love there pigments because you get a lot of bang for your buck And by that not only do I mean the size of the product which seriously can last you for years. But i mean the quality and multitude of use's in which his product can be used. 1. Apply to eyes and shadow 2. mix with foundation to achieve a certain look. 3. apply after foundation application and use as a face powder/finish for certain looks 4. use as blush 5. mix with clear nail polish to make nails that color or colored nail polish to create new color 6. mix with mousse or gel to temporarily color to hair 7. mix with gloss, chaps-tick, or lip base to get unique lip color. 8. if you know how to mix colors with there color choice and textures of pigment the possibility could be limitless.

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Cecelia F.

i have pigments in melon, golden and bronze. they are probably my favorite mac products i have ever chosen, simply for their versatility. i love using them to play up my eyes when i am too lazy or don't have enough time to do a full eye look.

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Ariane C.
one of mac's best products

I love pigments because of the amazing colors they come in, and their versatility. I really wish hadn't made the pigment jars so much smaller while keeping the price the same. I bought my big jar of Golden Olive in 2008, and use it ALL THE TIME and i've barely made a dent in it. If you can find a color you know you'll use a lot, these are really worth the investment because they will last you for a long time! :) Love forever!

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Su L.
Shimmy Shimmy

I would choose a MAC pigment over an eyeshadow any day, any week, and any life time. These pigments are definitely one of the few things I can't live without. My very first pigment from MAC is Shimmer-Time and it's a really pretty peachy, white color. It works great as a highlight color, for the inner corners or for the eyelid if you're really going for a subtle natural look. There is just so much product in the canister as well! It is definitely worth the money especially if you are very avid in using and perhaps, even just collecting makeup. And using it with water really makes the color pop-it really is an amazing, versatile product that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

As for using the pigment, it can get messy. What I usually do is I take off the little clear covering that covers the pigment and use my brush to pick up the pigment off of it instead of dipping my brush straight into the pigment. That way I have more control over how much product I use and it doesn't waste anything.

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Cristina L.

It's that you hold me thight!! ha ha ha! It is true guys, I can't live without them!!, Such an excellent quality, I do the old school habit, put translucent powder on my cheeks, or a sponge, preventing the fallout!!. It can be worn in so many ways, u name it!!, with fix+ for eyeliner, in the hair for a stroke of color, like lipstain...the sky is the limit :)

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Rica M.
Looooove it!

MAC Pigments are just fabulous!! I love the amazing variety of colors they come in. The colors come on my skin pretty bright, they look like true colors, not fade at all. A little bit goes a long way, I think this little bottle will last me for a very long time.

I would definitely love to get a lot more colors, but my budget does not allow me to do so. lol So I deal with buying one every couple of pay checks as a gift for my hard work haha ;D

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Valencia F.

Unless you have a very strong fix or eye wont do you any good to buy this $20 product. I bought New Fixation and knew that I would have a good time experimenting with it. Of course I have tried it wet with water, with my favorite fix, on my primer and with Visine. Looked better with the Visine and the fix.

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Erica B.

I love the MAC pigment - it's great for that night on the town! And it comes in so many colors - if only I could own all of them!

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Sarah G.

haha I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't really like MAC Pigments! I have a few samples, and I just am not a fan of the texture or color pay off. I feel like they're very sheer, and the texture is gritty and just doesn't work for me :(

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Lucia D.

I literally mix vanilla in with all my foundations and concealers, as well as use it as a highlight, on my eyes, on top of lip products, its just so versatile and works so well with everything, if you gonna buy one thing from MAC buy a pigment because they have so many uses