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Mineralize Skinfinish Natural


Cora A.
Light-Medium Coverage + Satin Finish =Flawless skin!

This is one of the staples in my kit & my own stash! I feel it really improves the appearance of your skin's texture without looking too dewy or too matte. It's great as a finishing powder over liquid foundation or concealer. When I wear this alone I get compliments on my skin like crazy. Holy Grail for me!

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Lena O.
Contour Miracle

I don't use this to set my make up. I use a shade darker as a bronzer and contour. Because there's no shimmer in it, I think it does an amazing job when I want to contour my face and my nose. Amazing!

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Brittny H.

I absolutely adore this product. It was recommended to me by the women and the makeup counter on account of my oily skin and I'm so glad she did. It never looked cakey and matched my skin perfectly. No orange at all which is big for me since I have such fair skin. I went to repurchase it and the women and a different Mac counter gave me the wrong powder! It was out of town so I didn't return it and I'm dealing with this one but I sure do miss this one.

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LibertyPaige X.

After using the mac studio fix foundation this is what I apply next. It is the best powder you could ever buy!! It lasts all day and doesn't leave your skin blotchy and patch like a lot of powders that clump. You don't need loads and loads so it lasts you for ages! Deffinetly worth your money!

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Jordan B.
My "go-to" powder...

MAC MSF Natural is my go-to powder for myself & my clients. Buffed into the skin on it's own provides a very natural/matte coverage. Over your favorite foundation it looks flawless, but very natural. I love using this on my bridal clients, the baked minerals soak up any oil/sweat & help with the camera flash. Would & do recommend this to everyone.

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Ananda D.
Fantastic powder

Great to use on top of liquid foundation or just by its self if you want a low maintenance look. It has a light to medium coverage. Very natural looking. I have some dark spots and by its self it does a good job blurring them. When I use it with a concealer my face looks almost flawless.

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Lisa J.
one of the best powders

as a makeup artist I'm privy to any line pretty much and MAC is no exception. i absolutely ADORE these mineralize compact powders. they make everything look flawless - used alone or over foundation they complete your face and make it poreless...lightweight, buildable. love!

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Kaylah A.
Definatly re-purchasing

This was a total random buy for me. I wasnt so sure at first but after awhile of using it i fell completly in love with it. its light and doesnt cake up my face after a few hours (i have oily skin). I recently lost it and had to go to an old powder and it made me miss it even more! (thank god i found it the other day). It is expensive but itll last you a long while, even if you wear make up everyday.

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Erica H.

Gives a nice smooth finish to your make up. I love this. It has a very light coverage so don't use it without foundation. It is made to be put on top of your foundation or tinted moisturizer. It is a must for me and i think retails for 26$

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Kiotta M.

This powder does everything I need it to do. Whether I wear it alone, with concealer or over foundation, it gives just the finish I need. I bought the one I'm currently using over a year ago, so the product is definitely worth what I paid for it!

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