Mac Full Coverage Foundation


Kaci M.

The foundation is really beautiful and it covers every thing. Further on into the day though the foundation would start to separate and it always melted off. Plus it was troubling to my skin, it would make me break out around my chin and mouth and I would get very oily through out the day.

Gina P.
The only foundation I'll ever use

I've been using MAC Full Coverage in W10 for almost a year now and it's still my favorite foundation. It's really creamy and smooth and has amazing coverage. It's thick but doesn't feel like you're wearing greasepaint, I never even know it's there! I set with loose Coty powder from the drug store and they are a match made in Heaven. I never use a concealer with it unless I'm contouring with foundations. It blends flawlessly with the two other foundations I use to highlight and contour when I use a stippling brush. And it lasts forever!

Rani P.
Amazing When Used Correctly!

MAC Full Coverage is a very versatile foundation. For non MUA's, it may take a little patience in figuring out which technique is best for you when applying it. I personally have combination skin and oily T-Zone, so I was not used to the dewy look with this foundation (I tend to go for a more matte look). However, using the proper primer, a beauty blender for application, and a setting spray, this foundation is FLAWLESS. I don't need a concealer with it, just a corrector for under my eyes and everything looks wonderful. I find it takes a little more time to apply this foundation than a liquid foundation, but the results are worth it when you want a perfect flawless finish!

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Terri S.

This foundation is so universal and smooth. I find that with the right techniques you can sheer it out if you do not opaque coverage (full coverage). I have an array of MAC foundations to include the studio fix, select coverage, and another one in a tube I forgot the name. This is my favorite, not messy, easy to apply and easy to work with on many skin tones. I have seen more skin's agree with this than other MAC foundations, I believe it may be due to the formulation and consistency of the product.

Kaylah G.
Great for the price!

The Full Coverage Foundation is basically the Studio Finish Concealer, minus the SPF. It lasts forever! I have used it every day for under my eyes/blemishes for about a year and I'm not even halfway done!!! I am normally an NC44 but the NW30 acts as a great shade to brighten my horrible under eye darkness

Lawson W.

I used to personally use this product beofore it became a pro product. At the time I was 16 and had quite a gothic style when it came to my make-up I wore my make-up very heavy and very pale. Although I used to personally use the full coverage as a base product and apply liquid and powder products on top, it really does do what it says in the name. This product is brilliant for covering blemishes and imperfections or even to use as a base for a more theatrical look.

I was very sad when this product became pro as at that time I was not a make-up artist myself. I was later informed by one of the MAC artists at my local counter that the full coverage foundation is identical to the studio finish concealer, only in a bigger size and much more cost effective price.

I would recommend this product to anyone who who wears heavier make-up or wanting to cover imperfections. It also works well as a concealer for round the eyes. All whilst be very long lasting and comfortable unlike some full coverage products which can feel heavy on the skin.

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Ashely V.

i love this foundation! it truly covers and evens out any imperfections, although i believe its a MAC pro product now. it photographs well and stays put, no touch ups necessary.. for being ful coverage, it doesnt look too heavy or cakey like other full coverage foundations ive tried.

Heather H.
It is full coverage, but it can be sheered down.

This is probably my favourite MAC foundation currently. It is a MAC pro product and can be ordered by phone or purchased at a pro store. I am a NC40 with Studio Fix Fluid or C40 with Studio Fix Powder, and I am a C40 with Full Coverage Foundation.

It is definitely a full coverage foundation, but when I use my Sigma F80 to apply it, it becomes a medium coverage. It has a dry-ish, matte texture and lasts throughout the day on my skin (normal to dry skin). I prefer not to set it with a powder because I like the finish that it has on it's own and it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere.

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