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Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15


MissCurstieMarie H.
They Should Consider Making THIS a Come BACK!

This was one of my first MAC Skin Care Purchases YEARS AGO!! Sadly it was discontinued for reason I am not aware of it; I am assuming it just wasn't very popular. MAC's Skin Care is hardly noticed to this day, so I can imagine back then know one even knew they had skin care.

This product leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth, crack free, moisturized, & adds a beautiful iridescent sheen to my naked lips. It also is clear which means you can wear it as a Lip Moisturizer or you can wear it on top of your favorite lip liner or lipstick. It also has SPF in it which is nice, for the protection against the sun. THE BEST THING is this product doesn't leave my lips chapped later on, I only need to apply it once to my lips & that's all I need. I purchased a couple before they were discontinued so I still have them, & I use them quite often. A little goes a long way with this product so that is also a plus!

MAC really bring this back! ;p