Highlight Powder


Vivian C.
By Candlelight

I've had this product forever. Use it every day with my Golden Bronze MAC iridescent loose powder, which also has lasted forever!!

It is such a great highlighter on all areas of the face - lips, upper lip, tops of cheeks, eyes, brow... such an amazing multitasking product :)

Theresa G.
Not a bad highlighter.

I like this highlighter to set any cream highlighter that I use. I barely use it because it is limited edition. I do like it so I only use it on special occasions . It has a smooth texture. It is not too pigmented which is good fot the highlights on the face. the color I have is chez chez lame. I know there is another one that came out with this collection.

Rachael Y.
Not one of my best purchases

I loved this entire collection and I was counting down the days until it arrived in the MAC store. I have been now using it on and off for a few months. I was looking for a highlighter that would make my cheekbones GLOW. This is not the product. I am so jealous of people in pictures that look illuminated.... highlighted. I have yet to find anything that brings out a "natural" (haha) glow. I didnt return the highlighter because I always end up liking the product down the road. I havent as of yet. I am hoping that when I am tan (over the summer) that it will be better then. I did purchase a few things from this collection and I have to say that nothing was GREAT.