Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash

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Chris C.
What an amazing black BUT...

This is the most black mascara you will ever find. I use this on allmost every shooting. You have two opportunitys of how to style your lashes, naturally or dramatically! I just have two little downsides with this mascara. 1. It gives you no curl, what is not a problem for me because I use Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler anyway (they are the best), but some womes want to have a little help. 2. There is no way you don´t have to combing through the lashes after you used the bigger brush. So I would normally give 5*****, but MAC could reshape the bigger brush to give volumen but also define the lashes at the same time. But I would highly recommend this mascara to everybody! Worth every penny....

Tiril S.
smudges, but great black color

I've tried about 7 mac mascaras and I just think two of them is good, and this is not one of them. Great: the two brushes concept is smart, you can choose if you want natural or dramatic. black color lot of product in the tube good for short time use Bad: if you choose the big brush, dramatic, the mascara smudges a lot more and it easily clumps. clumps with many layers not long lasting doesn't make your lashes look longer