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Nicole A.
Nothing special

For 21$ one might think this glitter would stay and stand out much better then it does, I really find it to be dull. I love MAC but big miss here. I am a huge Lit Glitter fan here that would be my HG choice of glitter xxoo

Tone F.
unicorn jizz in a jar

i adooooore these glitters! i've only got three - chartreuse, reflects pearl and red - but i wish i had plenty more. i the reflects pearl is especially lovely and very versatile, like amanda k mentioned :)

definitely recommend getting them!

Vanessa L.
Pretty but not for me

I bought one of these when the Wonder Woman Collection came out. The amount of sparkle is just amazing. The glitter is very small and sparkly so it looks nice and not tacky. HOWEVER...this is NOT meant to be used on eyes. The container or box says that it is not eye safe. I found this out after I used it on my eyelids and my eyes were very irritated. I think most people buy this hoping to use it over eyeshadow. I you have sensitive eyes like me or if you wear contacts then stay away and find something else that IS "eye safe".

Anneka F.

Again, absolutely love these. Loads of colours, look great on. As long as you have the right primer for them to make them stick, they are amazing - I use LAsplash eyeshadow sealer. But once again, only problem is they are huge, need a cheaper, smaller option.

Amanda K.
Best cosmetic glitter there is!

All shades are fantastic, and the 3D shades really offer something interesting. The reflects are great, especially reflects pearl-I point out RP because I have used it for my eye area, as a cheek highlighter, dabbed it on the cupids bow, centre of the bottom lip, everything. It is so fine, making it very versatile-you can create a dramatic look [layering this over blackground PP looks perdy!], or a very light daytime shimmer. I am a big fan of RP. I also have the blackened red which is BEAUTIFUL for a dramatic eye, also layered atop Blackground PP. I have fuschia, reflects blue, green, red, 3D gold, 3D copper, purple, reflects bronze, etc. Love them all. And I will repurchase if I ever run out. If you buy a full size, you will likely have it for a long time!

Laura  K.

Who doesn't LOVE glitter, seriously! I am obsessed with MAC's glitter, I don't use it everyday but whenever I go out I do, it always gives my eyes the pop they need for a fun night out! A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts a really long time :)

Staci M.

I have this glitter in Reflects Bronze and I love love love it. I've mixed it with clear nail color to create an awesome polish, I've patted it on my lips, I've used it on my cheeks, it's very versatile. I will say that for the product to stick to the eye I have to use a glitter sealant, but it's totally worth it for the gorgeous sparkle this product gives off!

Cristina L.
Photo of product included with review by Cristina L.

It depends if u want a lot of it, or just a hint!, so be light with your hand!! It's perfect because the glitter it so high quality!! Great for an special ocassion, like New Years, Costume party... Or if you love glitter like me!, awesome for a night out!!! here's a little example in the pic, this was for a sharity dance, that I do every year! hope u like it!!

Asia T.

i like the glitter b/c you don't need a lot to sparkle. With just one or two strokes of the brush, you will have the color you strive to get. just like the pigments, a little goes a long way. the colors are pigmented and it!

Emma K.
I have this in Reflects Transparent teal

its amazing, especially over black sharkskin shadestick! or over a white eyeliner in the corner of your eye, it looks beautiful at night under different lighting. I'v used it many times and in many makeup looks some more dramatic than others and it lasts forever, i still have almost a whole pot left haha :)