Gently Off Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

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Amber K.
Love love love!

I have never been more pleased with a purchase than I was with this makeup remover. It takes my makeup off amazingly. I don't have to put loads of it on the cotton pad either (which is great because it lasts for ages), and I don't have to rub like crazy, hurting the fragile skin around my eyes, trying to get my waterproof makeup off. It really does take your makeup off gently!

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Elizabeth E.

I absolutely love this makeup remover.....and it's the only thing that works to remove my waterproof mascara and MAC Liquidlast liner..and take it from me that stuff doesn't budge, but when using this makeup remover it comes off super easy without having to rub hard/cause irritation to remove it.

Rosie M.

I borrowed this from my professional kit and it never found its way back. This remover is great for night out make up it takes it off straight away, and it also gets rid of sharpie tattoos. However I tried using this as an everyday make up remover and it just ended up irritating my eyes which is a shame, I do still use it for heavy make up though. :)

Christie C.
love this stuf!

this stuff's amazing!! i'm on my second bottle and it doesn't come off too oily so that's great. Just put a few drops on to your cotton pad then on your eye for round 15 seconds then swipe it off!!

Shade M.
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It works really good! It takes off lip and eye makeup really well, and glitter. If you have oily skin, this makeup removers is not for you. Be sure when using it, to shake it really good until you see it turn milky white.

Daisy D.

I use to use the Nutrimetics gentle eye makeup remover... but when that was discontinued I couldn't find a match until I bought this. Having sensitive eyes this was great, it dosn't sting, does the job quick and the bottle lasts forever cause you don't need much product. The only negative is the oil base which is not great if you're using it to correct mistakes. :P Still my favourite one for now!!

Tiffany H.
love it

I only use this remove to take off my MAC liquidlast eyeliner because of the oil base. I cudnt imagine using it all over my face bcuz I have oily skin. But for what I use it for it works wonderfully.