Full Lash Curler


Veronica B.
I will never go back to drugstore eyelash curlers again

For several months, I have been looking for the perfect eyelash curler for my hard-to-curl eyelashes. I've tried many drugstore ones, one of them I was allergic to because it had a lot of nickel in it. Others made my eyelashes look weird. So, I shelled out $16 for this eyelash curler. And it was worth the $16. My eyelashes look like they are naturally curled, not with a weird crimp; it doesn't pinch my skin like some eyelash curlers do; the curl lasts longer; and my eyes don't get itchy from it. I am definitely repurchasing this eyelash curler when it breaks down.

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Ale O.
The best

Ive own this for like five years and i luv it i just recently repurchased it. now it comes in black I'm still Luving it the length it gives the lashes is amazing totally recommend it even though its pricy for a lash curler its worth it❤️

Sara B.

For a long time while wearing mascara and using my other curler, my lashes were very flat. The I purchased this one, and five seconds into using it I already threw away my other one! It's amazing! It looks like I'm wearing expensive fake eye-lashes, but I don't have to go through all that trouble!! I LOVE IT!!!

Hayley H.
I love it

The most comfortable eyelash curler ive ever used. I usually used 10 dollar eyelash curlers from the super markets and they hurt my eyelashes a bit, but this curler is perfect and easier to use. I LOVE IT!

Olivia E.
Great curler!!!!!!!!!

My mother has this curler and my lashes are naturaly curly but with this product they look like i am wearing fake lashes and it make me look like a hollywood star

Rochell F.

Do they do the job? Absolutely. Can you get the same results from a Revlon eyelash curler? Definitely. In my opinion, you're paying more for the name brand.