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Allana  M.

MUST HAVE FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS AND MAKEUP LOVERS! The number one question I am asked by new makeup artist is: " What foundations should I add to my freelancing kit?!"

With tones of products on the market we sometimes get caught up in price, hype, and packaging. If you are shopping for your own personal makeup kit then sure, go ahead and get whatever works for you and looks pretty (shucks I do for my personal kit ). However, when it comes to your freelance makeup kit these points should not matter. You want foundations that can be used on all skin tones, skin types, and look great in video and pictures. This is why I choose MAC Face & Body. It is a light weight water based face and body foundation made for all skin types and comes in 13 shades. Face & Body comes infused with tons of emollients which will moisturize your skin (great for clients with mature or dehydrated skin). It has a light natural finish which is great for clients who don't like heavy foundations. For times that I am looking for more of a heavier coverage I add a little concealer to it on the back of my hand or on my mixing pallet (this is a good tip for wedding and photography/video makeup). I love using this foundation in my daily makeup routine because it looks so natural (I only have Face & Body on in my picture above).

Just because there are 13 shades of Face & Body does not mean that you need all 13. A good rule of thumb is to buy every other color. For example in my kit I have C1, C3, C6, N2, N5, N9, these are sufficient for my kit since I always mix 2 shades to obtain the right one.

If your still unsure try Face & Body along with some other brands your curious about. Stores like Sephora are great because they give you product samples that you can try yourself and on your clients for feedback. Hope this helps :)

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Chineen M.
Amazing! Just Amazing, Seriously!

(N9) So i was hearing alot of talk about this foundation so i decided to go out and purchase it to see what all the hoopla was about. First glace, the packaging is your average mac box, nothing huge, pretty simple. The foundation itself if light weight, actually kinda watery. I was quick to judge the wateriness of it until i put it on. This stuff is not only light weight but also very natual looking. It isn't greasy and it doesn't make you feel like your putting another face on lol. Best part about it is, it is AMAZING with oil control due to the fact that it is water based as well as water proof. To put this to the test, i wore it on a night out dancing with my girlfriends, i didn't have to blot not once. I love this stuff! It's not my every day foundation, but i will definatley be using this stuff again!

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Amie L.

This is my favorite foundation of ALL!! I use it daily and it feels super lightweight. It stays on all day and looks great. I use it on lots of my brides that want more of a natural coverage. And the colors....look amazing on all skin. The C colors are great olive colors and the N for neutrals are great for more of that fair pink under tones. love it all!!

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Kaylah G.

this is a watery mess! offers no coverage what so ever. it expired like 5months after i got it. the pigment and water separate so it was beginning to apply streaky. I love that the bottle is huge but i found myself using more product anyways. very difficult to build this product. i would rather purchase studio fix fluid and dilute it with moisturizer than get this stuff. HATE IT!!!!

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Theresa G.
Light weight formula

I love this for the dewy summer look. This to me is more like a tinted moisturizer. Just enough coverage to hide tiny imperfections. I apply this with my CLEAN hands because it gets the brushes stiff and sticky and it takes a little more extra cleaning. For some it might be too dewy for other just right but you can set it with powder. If you have oily skin this would just make you look extra oily.

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Hannah C.
Top Notch
Photo of product included with review by Hannah C.

This is probably my all time favorite foundation. It's a favorite of some of the biggest MUAs in the business.

People who say it's a watery mess or is terrible just don't know how to use it. Yes, it's quite watery as it's a WATER based foundation because it's meant to be used on the face AND the body. However, it's transfer resistant once it sets so it doesn't move once applied. Now, if you are a full coverage foundation fan, this one is not for you for obvious reasons. This is great for those who love really sheer coverage in the summer when you've got a some color and just want something light.

This also photographs beautifully. Combine this with MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in your shade with their duo-fibre brush to set can conquer the WORLD with that combo. Just trust me.

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Djenaba B.

This is my first liquid foundation and my very first MAC product and I have to say that once I started using it I fell in love with it. It's not full coverage so when you apply it it makes your face look natural. And the combination of this and the mineralize skinfinish is perfect for me. If you want a matte look the combination is great. I'm not too much for full coverage so this product is great and I also have dry skin so that just gives this an extra plus. I would totally recommend this product

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Valencia F.

I bought this foundation at a MAC Pro store while I was in Miami last summer. I loved that a little bit goes a long way. I used it when I went to breakfast which turned into a visit on South Beach. I splashed in the water and alas, my foundation stayed put...This past month I was in a fashion show and applied it to my legs. A quarter sized amount was enough to cover my long legs and feet. Amazing foundation!

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Jessica D.

Hands down my "holy grail" foundation. I'm normally an NC42 and C5 matches me perfectly. It provides a very dewy and glowy finish whether you use primer or not. I prefer using it though for any foundation or powder I apply on my face just because my foundation sets flawlessly. Primer helps smooth out any imperfections such as scars and fine lines. Being that it is a "water-based" foundation, it's a lot thinner and feels a lot lighter when applied. It almost feels like you're not even wearing anything! It just evens out your skintone so nicely. It doesn't feel or look cakey whatsoever. It melts right into your skin so you get a very natural and even finish.

I use the back of my hand to heat up the foundation and then use my Sigma F80 brush to stipple it on and buff it out. It provides medium coverage that's buildable and it looks fabulous in photos. I use this foundation specifically for going out or when I know I'll be taking photos. I notice I don't ever have to touch-up my face once I set it with my MAC MSF Natural. I absolutely swear by this product, it truly is amazing! For the price and the amount you get in the bottle, it'll last you for quite some time. You're getting 4.0 fl oz of foundation for only $32.50 and that's cheap compared to something like MAC's Studio Fix Fluid for $26.50 that only has 1.0 fl oz. So, when I say it's going to last you awhile, I'm not lying (lol). I'm just glad they brought this product back when they did and kept it with their permanent line. I actually have quite a few back-ups cause I use these on my clients.

You can only buy this foundation at a MAC Pro store or online (

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gee m.

Mac face and body foundation is a very light and sheer foundation. It does not look like foundation at all when you apply it, it looks like your skin with a little glow to it. It does leave a sticky feeling after you apply the product but once you set it the sticky feeling will go away. Within an hour or two I do start to get oily and will have to blot throughout the day but other than that the foundation last all day on me and is pretty good.

I do have normal to combination skin. I am usually oily in my T-zone. My color is C7. It does come in a 4oz bottle for $32.50.

I recently purchased the smaller bottle of this foundation and I don't know if the formula is different or what but the one that I recently purchased from the new collection does not leave that tacky feeling behind and I have not been getting oily. I have had to blot once a day if that. This has become my new favorite liquid foundation. The smaller version is in a 1.7 bottle and the cost is $27.00. The smaller bottle I am thinking will last me for a year or more because I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I have not put a dent in it yet. I have set this foundation with setting powder and I have use this foundation without setting it and either way I was please with the overall outcome with the foundation. I would recommend this foundation to those who do not have a lot of skin problems because the foundation is a sheer foundation. I sometimes apply this foundation with the E.L.F. powder brush however I love applying it with my fingers for a better coverage.

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