Eye Shadow

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Julia N.

This is a grey product to put in the inner corner to seem more awake or just a nice light nude color I use it a lot I really really recommend this product it's a great product

Kendra H.
One of my favorites

This is one of my three favorite shades from mac! It's looks gorgeous in the pan and translates beautifully to the eyes! It also isn't too dark so it works with my baby blue eyes and super pale skin. It is a lovely light brown/gold color. I love it as a lid color or as a transition in my crease. Sometimes I'll use it with darker looks on the inner corner. You can create many looks with this particular shadow and you can blend it out until it's almost sheer or pack it on for intense color! This is definitely my second favorite next to Trax!

Kendra H.

My cousin works at a Mac store and one day an assistant dropped several boxes of eyeshadow damaging them. The employees were given some of the more damaged ones for free so although the packaging is a little broken up I now have three gorgeous shades of Mac eyeshadows in my collection! This would have never been something if have bought for myself and are by far the most expensive part of my makeup collection! The product itself applies beautifully! The colors are super pigmented and blend super easily. You can create a multitude of looks with one or two colors by upping the intensity. I've had a little bit off fallout with my darker shade but not with the lighter ones. These shadows don't wear of easily and I've only had them crease of me once or twice! I don't even need an eyeshadow primer! I've been spoiled by these shadows and I LOVE them sooooo much! Anyone who has the money and wants some great eyeshadows needs to buy up some of these from Mac!

Emily M.

Every color, shade and Mac product is always there to impress. Stays on well and goes on perfect. The colors pop and makes your make up look complete. Perfect for bold looks.

Megan F.
Love this shade!!

Mac eyeshadows are super pigmented!! I love this color! It's a pinky/purple. I just wish I could buy every single Mac eyeshadow but... They're $15 each. Oh well. Still love them!!

Saby T.

I absolutely love their shades,pigmentation and packaging ! I only have a few Mac eyeshadows as im expanding my collection ! I think its worth the hype but i wish they had a palette !

Sonia S.

Good colors . But for any brand to stay throughout rhe day --- u must add on primer and on top face powder . They have a wonderful collection and rhe packaging is great .

Danielle V.

As soon as I saw the color I was in love and bought it as soon as I saw it, but I kind of wish I hadn't. Texture is kind of chalky and is difficult to apply dry. Applied wet it works amazing! But I shouldn't have to get it wet. Not really worth the eighteen dollars I spent...

Olivia  F.

LOVE! This color is a perfect all over the lid color that would work any day on any skin tone! It adds a nice shimmer to the eye which really makes it pop! It looks great just alone with some mascara and eyeliner, as well as a color in the crease I usually go for a matte brown like macs sable or soft brown. This is perfect if you are new to mac shadows because it's so versatile and you will get a ton of use out of it!

Isabella K.
Super pigmented, perfect color

The mac eyeshadows are the most pigmented I have ever tried. Love them to death, great investment, lasts forever, travel-friendly packaging that can fit on your pocket and will not open and smear.