Cremesheen Glass

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Chamar L.
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I have MAC cremesheen glass in boy bait, and I have to say the name says it all. Boy bait is a very pinky nude color that has a ton of high shine. I wear this with neutral/natural eye looks. It has a tendency to set off the whole look and take it from everyday to glamourous in a subtle way. I have been married for 10 years and this has been my husbands favorite thing to see me wear. He told me he could stare at my lips I guess the name is on point! I highly suggest this product!

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Gabriela E.

I love MAC cremesheen glasses because they are creamy and not sticky. It's consistency is moisturizing and super glossy! I love the sheerness of the gloss and feel that it gives the perfect hint of color!

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S N.
They're fine...

I like cremesheen. I really do. They aren't sticky like other MAC lipglasses, they're nice and smooth, and leave your lips looking "watery" instead of just "glossy", if you get what I mean. It's a nice product. The reason why I won't rate it five stars is because of the product to price ratio. It has less product than a lipglass, and costs more. You also have to reapply more often because it isn't a sticky formula.

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Erin S.

i love when mac comes out with pastel lavender colors, and cinestyle is my fave! i stocked up like crazy. its perfect of the limited edition mattene shade in "fresh amour"

Theresa G.
Favorite Glosses

MACs creamsheen glasses are my absolutely favorite glosses on the market. No matter How many lip glosses I have tried from other companies I always go back to them. Everything about them the texture and the longevity of them and also the color range. I LOVE them!

Kyri Z.
My favorite lipgloss ever

This is the best lip gloss I've ver come across and I feel like I've tried them all! It goes on easy, is not sticky and gives your lips a beautiful shine. It also lasts a long time. I got the color Paper Lantern which is a light, opaque pink. I recommend it to all!

Lillee T.
like butter

I love the way all Cremesheen's feel ! Lipstick and Lipglass . My favorite color is Richer,Lusher . It is a coral color and it is like a hint of pink . I like to pair it with Mac Cremesheen lipstick in shy girl !

Christina L.

I love these! The Cremesheens are probably my favorite MAC lip gloss, except maybe plushglasses. But these aren't sticky like most MAC lip glasses at all. The color pigmentation is wonderful. I have this one in Over Indulgence. I don't like spending almost $20 for lip gloss, but I will for MAC.

Jaymie F.
Love it!

I really like MAC Cremesheen lipgloss because they are moisturizing and not tacky like the other MAC lipglosses. They are not as pigmented but they are still quite flattering. I have Deelight and Geo Pink and am very happy with them.

Jacquelyn J.
Best Non-Sticky Lipglass Ever!

I adore MAC's Cremesheen Glass! They are non-sticky and very moisturizing! I sometimes reach for them in case I don't want to use my other lipglosses. My favorite of them all is Fashion Scoop! It was my first one and fell in love with it!