Brow Set


Nicole A.
love this stuff

I've tried many brow products for brows and yet I keep going back to this one. I love how this color fills in my brows and tames th err m just perfect ...its long wearing and natural don't let the color of the tube scare you its perfect matched with my chocolate cherry hair color???

Kira D.
Perfect for any brow colour/shape

I use this every day to set my brows after I have filled them in with an eyeshadow or brow powder.

The formulation is light but has a strong hold. It isn't visible and dries without leaving a shiny residue or any clumps.

Lottie S.
My go-to

I found this at a CCO and it was love at first swipe. It holds my lashes in place really well. I use this and my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo for my perfect brows.