Bronzing Powder

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Heather C.

I like this bronzer and sometimes use it to contour the hollows of my cheeks. It isn't as shimmery on as it looks in the pan, which is a good thing. The price however is a little much, even though i like the product, it doesn't offer anything more than other bronzers i have that come with a much cheaper prize tag.

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Stephanie M.
I Love it! So excited

I walked into Mac and saw it and my first thought was, Oh gosh this looks really dark. But after the Mac artist applied it on me I fell in love! It doesn't feel heavy and it gives a beautiful glow. I'm still wearing it right now. I don't feel as though it will break me out, which is what I worry about with most glittery bronzers, I'm hoping I'm right. So far so good. I love it.

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Amber P.
Fantastic for getting the sunkissed look

I love MAC bronzer! I like to use it in my hairline and right under my cheekbone, I also apply it to the tip of my chin and tip of my nose. Those are the spots that the sun naturally hits your face. Bronzer can be great if used properly!

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Simera H.

I love this bronzer. When you first look at it it can look really sparkly but once you apply it the sparkles don't show up on the face. This bronzer gives my skin a really nice healthy glow. I love this product even though I feel like it's over priced.

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Ashley B.
Bronze godess

PROS: It doesnt smell, I absolutely hate makeup that smells like something because I feel like everyone around me can smell it, also. It doesnt make you orange like most bronzers do. It's glittery but not too much; it has a really nice shimmer to it. I use it with my foundation and it doesn't make my makeup too thick or cakey at all. I love using MAC products because for every six empty products you take in, they recycle them, and you can get a free eyeshadow or lipstick.

CONS: It breaks up a lot when I put my brush into it, too much product gets on my brush, so it runs out quickly. It's expensive! $25 for one compact of bronzer is a little much on my college budget.

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Alicia W.

Love, love, love! Just look at my picture. This gives my face a natural look. I've always wanted to wear bronzer but was too scared. This is the first time that I bought a complaints here!

Alexa M.
Like-I-go-to-the-beach-everyday bronzer

I've had this bronzer for almost a year now and I've hit pan already with a dime-size (so sad). This is perfect for contouring. I don't go a day without it, unless I'm bumming it at home. It really makes my face look skinnier (ha, thank god) and it has a beautiful color payoff.

Pros: Perfect for olive/beige skin tones Natural color for contouring Lasts a very long time Extremely pigmented

Cons: I wish it would magically refill itself so I don't have to spend another $30 :( but it's all good

Jennifer G.

Love, love, love, love this bronzer! It's great for contouring or just to add a little bit of color when I'm on the run. Blends well and not too overpowering.

Amanda K.
my favourite bronzer!

i started with golden and worked up to refined golden. this is definitely my favourite bronzer out there! they look sparkly in the pans but they really arent that sparkly when they're on your face. just the perfect amount of pigment, very VERY light frost, very flattering!

EDIT-back to golden. find it much more appropriate for all over bronzing. BUT i use my refined very lightly for the same effect, or use it with a contour brush for the hollows of my cheeks =]

Stephanie M.

i was in a desperate need of a new bronzer. while i was off doing foundation shopping at mac, the woman put this on me and i fell in love. it gave me a great shine with color, and it matched my skin tone perfectly so i didnt look orange at all. highly recommend this... in most mac products im NW15, so if you're like me im sure this will look great as well.