Blot Powder Pressed


Chris C.
Best on Movie & Photo Sets...

As a Makeup Artist you allways have to touch up on sets of Photoshootings or Movie Productions, but to go there with a loose Powder is the worst idea you could have. The loose Powder will fly on and also into the teniqual equipment and I promiss you will never get booked again. And this is why Blot Powder from MAC is one of the most important items in my set-kit. It will matte the parts you won´t have shine without flying all over the place. Also it will stay on quite long. Highly recommended!

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gee m.

Mac blotting powder is a must have in my makeup collection. This is a product that goes with me everywhere I go to help with my sometime oily T-zone. I usually blot the oil off first with a blotting tissue or napkin then I will take the powder puff press it into my skin then take a small powder brush to make sure I won’t have that cakey look to my skin and to make sure it’s blended out. When I apply the product it does not move or take my makeup off and it usually keeps my face oil free for a couple of hours before I will need to apply again. I usually purchase one to two of these blotting powders a year so they last me a long time so I don’t have a problem paying the $23.00 price tag.

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Kai B.

This product does exactly what it says it will do! This is a must have for combo to oily skin. This is also great for a pro artist to reduce shine in the T-zone area on a client. Ve Neil used this in the T-zone on the character Katniss in the movie Hunger Games.

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Jasmine B.

This is a staple in my makeup collection!!! I have oily skin, and I do my makeup, then all I have to do is throw this is my purse to blot later. I don't have to take any other powders with me like I used to. This also last a long time. Love it!!!

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Nikki G.
Use this OVER studioFix fluid

having oily skin, omg this is amazing for my T-zone!!!! especialy in pics too! People seem to have this idea that they should use Studio Fix powder over the fluiD! BUt the powder is also a foundation! so really your just doubling your foundation x 2!! cause they are both full coverage! This powder is great as it does not add any extra colour to my face :D it just maintains my NC42 colour :)

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Veronica S.

Omg I love this powder! My skin is extremely oily, I can tell that's the best powder I have ever tried. I'm so happy with it, it keeps my face all day matte.

Ella B.
In Love!

Before purchasing I did my research and read reviews. went to a Mac store and tested on my face. a day later went beck and purchased it. this was the best $30 I have ever spent. it does what it says! controls shine, oiliness etc. Thought the day I only use this baby once and I am good. this product does not change your foundation color, and it keeps me looking matte for the day. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has an oily tzone. this is a must have. I cannot go without it and I will definitely repurchase again! FYI...I also recommend getting Mac oil free moisturizer! the power of both together equals... heaven!

Ashley  B.

I bought this product because my skin is very oily and the foundation I was using (NAKED Skin) did not control it. My face would look like I had been sweating after 4 hours. It did not work for that foundation but it works beautifully with my Revlon Colorstay. Not only does it control oil but it gives you the perfect matte look. You can clearly see a difference after using it. It's very light and I only have to apply it once a day. All it takes is one small layer and you are good to go!

Isabella K.
Matte, buildable coverage.

I also own the mac powder foundation and their translucid powder, so I figured I'd try a mid-term out. The results surprised me! It is a thin consistency product. One layer is a nice foundation setter, 2-3 layers gives a light-weigh, buildable coverage that goes well with any makeup look. Does NOT look cakey, lasts all day, and covers imperfections ever so slightly. Blots oil. Mac scores again. Again

Princess B.

I swear this is my fave MAC product! I make sure this is in my bag whenever I leave out. I like to wear this alone and it gives my oily skin a very matte look and also blot my tzones after I apply foundation. Keeps me from looking oily all day GREAT PRODUCT!!