266 Small Angle Brush

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Aga H.
It was good

After 217 this was my second MAC brush. This is my go to eyeliner brush and I love it for this job. However, there are many, many much cheaper brushes that actually last longer. I've got it for about two years, and the head is constantly falling off and some parts of the hndle ar also falling off. I really like it, but considering pricies at MAC that are rising nonstop I don't think I will buy another 266.

Natalie B.

I use this brush literally everyday. Its my go to brush for my winged liner! Its the best angled brush I have ever used. Its easy to achieve a beautiful winged liner with this brush and its easy to clean. I clean mine everyday for the last two years and its still in perfect condition. Its also great for getting a nice clean eyebrow line!

Fabuless Beauty L.

Surprisingly, I was disappointed with this brush! The bristles were too soft to apply gel liner. I was hoping this would be my go to brush for eyeliner. Instead, I use this brush as a brow powder.

Amber P.
Eyeliner brush

I love to use this brush with my fluidline liner, I also like to use it with some of my MAC shadows. I will scrape off some of the shadow onto a tissue and get the brush wet then dip it in the shadow. And you have any color of eyeliner that you want!

Molly S.
best eyeliner brush out there

It's a great eyeliner brush! I use it with the MAC carbon eyeshadow as eyeliner and its fantastic. I also use it with the Anatasia brow set for my eyebrows. Its a great brush and is super easy to use!

Nadia N.

I love this brush for giving me a winged line look with my fluidline. I have had mine since 2007 and there isn't a change in the texture and its soft to the touch compared to the L'oreal brush that came with the HIP liners.

Lisa L.

The best eyeliner brush for filling in your brows or applying cream/gel eyeliners. I've had my 266 for over 5 years & it's still in amazing condition! Definitely worth the price if you take care of your brushes.

Courtney C.
Gets the job done!

I love using this brush for my gel liners, or cream liners! I also use it with powder to set my liner. It is stiff enough to give you a nice line, but also soft enough so it doesnt feel rough on your lids. I also use to this on my lower lashline and it works well too. Cant go wrong with MAC brushes. Although the brushes are a bit on the pricey side.

Victoria S.
Great brush to have, however, lots of cheaper alternatives

This is a nice angled eye brush. You can shape your brows with a brow toned eyeshadow, apply gel liner (albeit it will be a thicker line), and even apply your lipstick! At $19.50, however, there are far too many good and cheaper duplicates to warrant the price of the brush. I recommend trying EcoTools, Boots No. 7, or Sonia Kashuk brands from Target for possible dupes.