239 Eye Shading Brush

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Sonny S.
Coverage. Reaches Inner Corner. A little rough.

This is my favorite eye-shadow brush besides my blending brush(es)!


The way the brush is designed is great, it allows you to apply colour in the DEEPEST inner corners of your lid! I suggest you use this brush in a down sweeping motion or a patting technique (don't apply coloring going from side to side) because the brush is a little stiff.

I love white coloured brushes! It is easy to clean, and with just up and down sweeping motions with a cleanser on a napkin, you can see all the colours disappear leaving the brush looking white and brand new again.

If I were a professional, I would buy another one to use on my clients.

Dawn C.
I understand all of the great reviews, but.....

I finally broke down and picked up this brush about 5 months ago. BROKE being the operative word. This is a fantastic brush that applies shadows perfectly to my lids. It's very soft and applies pigments very precisely. It also cleans very easily and I can tell that it will last me a long time.

However, I can (and have) acheive all of the above with numerous other brushes at a fraction of the cost of the 239. I'm not really feeling paying so much money to have MAC stamped on the handle.

I really do like this brush, but it's not so great that I 'save it' for special applications. I won't buy another one, but would never turn it down as a gift. ;-)

James C.
lay down brush

this is a simple brush designed to lay down colour, ideal for strong or dark colours, used properly its a fantastic placement brush.

the downside is the price, many companies offer similar brushes for less. Personally I would opt for the mac but budget can be a constraint for new artists or people on a budget.

Lillee T.
No words :)

I agree with Shelly T. . Where has this brush been . I use it all the time for my lid and it picks up product so well . It is easy to clean . It is soft , but stiff and does the job amazingly ! I love how I can build color to desired amount too it is round which can do a little blending as well , well done job Mac !

Thorunn Sif T.
The only brush you must have in your possession

I love this brush, it's great and it's the best thing you can have to apply eyeshadow (IMHO), you can pack on so much product so easily, most MAC artist I know have so many 239s and they all agree that this brush is the must have brush of the collection. It's soft and yet stiff and does the job perfectly.

Shelly T.
A must-have!

After I started using this brush, I began to wonder where it had been most of my life. In my view, this is a must-have for packing colour on the lids. It's fantastic.

Andrea T.
Must have!

This is a must have brush. Great for packing on shadow on the mobile lid. It can even do q bit of blending. It works great even with those harder to use matte shadows.

Simera H.
Must Have Brush

The Mac 239 brush is in my opinion a staple. It's really soft and it's a great brush if you do have smaller lid space. It packs on color really well.

Miss Nikkicakes X.
A great all purpose blending brush

Typically I use this brush to blend multiple colors together when I need them to be not too blurred. I also commonly use this to apply MAC Paint Pot before I apply eye shadow.

Catia M.
Must have!

If there is one eyeshadow brush you should own its this one! It really picks up eyeshadows and packs on color like no other! its small for those tight corners and big enough to do a quick wash of all over color on the lid.