224 Tapered Blending Brush

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Theresa G.

Great blending brush. I love all of MACs brushes and well worth the investment. This blending brush is more for precise blending and not all over the lid. Does a great job if you know how to work with it.

Vanessa W.

Does the job perfectly, this has been in my collection for almost 2 years now and it's still good as new. No experience with shedding to date. High quality hairs, very soft and smokes out the shadow perfectly. All I'll ever use! :)

Ana R.
Love It!!!

This is an amazing blending brush. It's very easy to use and blends shadows out perfectly. Ive always had difficulty blending my crease colors and i use a lot of high end products. Totally goof proof! It's definitely worth every penny.

Erica L.

I use this brush for multiple things because I'm all about versatility in my products and brushes. This brush places and blends concealer underneath my eye beautifully. If you use this brush in a stippling motion with concealer on a skin discrepancy (blemish, scarring, dry patches, etc.) it covers and smooths the texture beautifully. Take some powder with the same brush and softly go over the concealed area for a finished effect. Oh, and it's an amazing shadow blender of course <3

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Issa  L.

This is my go to blending brush because it blends like a dream! Although to some the brush may be on the pricey side but you are defiantly paying what you get for, this brush is amazing in every way. I have yet to see any shedding and it still looks the same as the day I bought it even after many washes.

Jessica H.
My favorite brush

I don't have to say much here my favorite brush EVER. Does exactly what its suppose to and a brush I find a way to use in every eye look. I you ask me if I got my moneys worth from this brush. Then I probably would have to say the brush was free if I divided how much have used it by the cost. Did I mention I LOVE THIS BRUSH.

James C.
excellent blender

One of the best blending brushes on the market I own several of these brushes and do use them regularly. The biggest downside is the price, although high quality their are alternatives at lower prices. Professionally its a must have for me though.

Hannah A.
If you have trouble with blending, this is the perfect brush

This is a great brush. Simple as that. If you accidentally put too much color on your eyes you just take this brush and blend it out. I also like using this to set my foundation with powder in small areas.

M d.

Anyone that applies eyeshadow on their eyes NEEDS this brush. It's the ultimate blending brush. Cannot live without. Id I had to chose ONE brush from MAC, it would be this one.

Lisa C.
Good but there is better

I do love this brush it big and fluffy and blends out creases so well but I have to say it isn't the brush i reach for most often that goes to the NARS #13 brush. But it is one of the better blending brushes out there, it does shed a little a first just an fyi!