210 Precise Eye Liner Brush

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Nicole A.
the best

I must say MAC blows me away with there brushes all the time, this tiny little genius lives up to its name precise, perfect detal and lines every time...if you take care of them MAC brushes last forever???

Avis G.

OMG this brush saves y life. i was never a lover of the flat, straight eyeliner brush. Its easier to clean due to the fact that there are less bristles on the brush. but once again, i adore this brush.PRECISE eye liner...precise it is!

Elaina Y.
Bit disappointed

Initally when I bought this brush, I was using it to apply the MAC Fluidline. I really liked this brush because it was just the right size to give you control on the thickness of your liner and it was great for creating cat eyes. The only thing that had really disappointed me was that this brush, I had for about a year or so and I took very good care of it, but after washing and using it for the period of time the brush completely flared out at the tips. I can no longer use it anymore for eyeliner. I guess since it's such a small brush you have to be EXTRA delicate with it. For the price it costs I'm sure that you can find something just as small for a lower cost especially if it is not going to last you as long.