188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush

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Monique H.

First MAC brush I ever bought. It's good for foundation, cream blush, bronzer, even concealer. Easy to use, easy to clean. Love it so much! It may take longer to apply foundation but it get in areas like around the nose.

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Harshita  P.
Excellent brush. Worth the money.

A duo fibre brush which is amazing for applying most of my face makeup! Works amazingly well for foundation (liquid and powder). The stippling and buffing movement takes a little more time than a normal brush (also because this is a smaller brush and I think the 188 is actually the one specifically for foundation etc) but the finish is beautiful and very natural! Also works amazingly well with powders, especially bright blushes which go on perfectly without much effort. The brush is also easy to clean and maintain. Doesn't bleed, shed or loose bristles. Absolutely love!

Tara M.
Great for skin products.

This was my first MAC brush I bought and fell in love instantly, its great for bluffering foundation and make it look so natural, It is expensive but its worth the money if you take care of it and will last for years if you clean it good. Aswell, the roundness of the brush is good for the under eye area! Perfect brush.

Myrna P.

I bought this recently and I am in love. I use it for my liquid/cream foundation. It makes my liquid foundation almost look air brushed. I have noticed a few hairs on my face though so it worries me. I like how well it works, so for now I have more pros and 1 con.

Sarah A.

not a big fan of this product because it sheds a lot and its not worth the price. you can find better quality brushes for a cheaper price.