150 Large Powder Brush

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gee m.

I have been having this brush for years. I originally broke down and purchased this brush because I got sick and tired of purchasing cheaper powder brushes that ended up shedding so much that I spent more time picking the hairs off my face then applying my face products. I use my brush for the Mac studio fix powders as well as for the translucent powders.

This brush started off really soft with no shedding that was before I was started cleaning the brush often. Once I did start cleaning the brush often the bristles started to become scratchy on my face the hairs became brittle and damage looking and the hairs also started to shed like crazy. I wasn’t all that disappointed by the end results of the brush because I have had the brush a long time. However, if you are someone who likes to clean your brushes often this brush will quickly become brittle. I have conditioned the brush and it helps some but it does not bring the brush back to the originally texture.

Shelbi M.
Powder Brush - MAC

This brush is amazing. I have had it for years and through all the washes and everything, it is just as amazing as it was the day I bought it. I use it for so many different applications: blush, translucent powder, bronzer, whatever! It's the perfect size so it works all across the board.

I chose this brush before I was really educated on products and brushes. I was in a MAC store for highlighter and left with all these brushes that one of the employees convinced me I needed. Of all of the ones I bought, this one has truly delivered. It is definitely worth the money. It seems like it lasts forever!

Christine S.
perfect multi use brush

this brush in my opinion is a multi use brush. it is larger than most, so soft and blends beautifully. i use for blush, bronzer and loose powder occasionaly. run to your nearest mac counter and purchase! you will not be disapointed

Violet D.
This Brush makes my Day!!

this is absolutely the most amazing brush ever...i can't let go of it.whether its bronzer or blush its perfect.soft and gives full coverage wherever you want it.well worth the money :) GO MAC!!!

Amanda K.
Perfect size, perfect brush

I use my 150 so much that I actually have two-and at the price that they're at, you know for a person to have 2 is a pretty big deal! I have used it for Blush, Powder, highlighting, setting, bronzing, everything! This is as fluffy as a brush can get while still having precision, I find. The only brush I have that is bigger is a GIGANTIC Sephora Platinum brush, which is very dense and quite frankly HUGE-its bigger than half my face, rendering it mainly for body use, because its too dense for even loose powder.

All in all this is a great brush, and, to me, a staple for anyones collection, be it for personal or professional use.

Kensie L.
Did I Get A Faulty Brush?

First off, I did not purchase this brush directly from a MAC store. I did, however, examine its build, comparing it to 150s from the store, and determined that it is not a fake. My issue is how rough and scratchy it is on my face. The bristles are coarse and dense enough to pick up a lot of powder product, which makes it excellent (in theory) for apply blush and setting powders. I just prefer a softer, silkier feel to my brushes.