130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

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Veronica S.
Love it

It sheds a bit, but I still like it. I use it for my highlighter or to apply powder under my eyes. It's so handy, also you can use it for applying concealer or even foundation...

Sydney S.

One of my favorite associates for MAC sold me this when I went to blow some christmas cash last year. When used in a circular/buffing motion it smoothes out my MAC foundation so that it goes on smooth and natural-looking.

Erica L.

I only use two brushes when it comes to applying products on my face and that is a contour brush and this brush. When used in a circular motion, this brush buffs my liquid foundation into a beautiful skin finish. I also use this to blend my highlight, blush, and bronzer. After these products are applied, I go back with my 130 brush and place my powder in the appropriate places.

Elizabeth E.

One of my fave brushes to use with the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I have dark spots and using this brush I just buff the concealer in and the spots magically dissapear! I call it my "magic wand" brush. Love it. I also use this brush to apply MAC Cremeblend Blush (Posey is my weapon of chose) how it's multi-functional.

Emilia N.
The Only Foundation Brush You Will Ever NEED!

This is my favorite M.A.C brush, and even though it is one of their pricey brushes that M.A.C makes it is worth every penny in my eyes. I have used several other M.A.C brushes to apply foundation such as the 190 flat foundation, the 109 brush, which gets hairs everywhere and the brush gums up with foundation, and a large stippling brush, with makes it hard to blend in small spaces, and causes streaking. This is the perfect brush to apply foundation, with out streaking. This brush makes the heaviest foundation appear light and airbrushed effect

Marina O.
Best foundation brush

This is *the* perfect brush for applying foundation. I haven't tried it with pressed powder, only liquid foundation. The bristles are the perfect length and it is the right size and the density of it is just right. It blends the foundation perfectly and allows me to get the sides of my nose, around my eyebrows and under my eyes with ease. I love it!

Megan N.
fave foundation brush!

hands down this is the ultimate foundation brush! its nice and firm and allows you to really buff and blend in your foundation. i love love love this brush. when i first used it, i was so amazed of how it allows you to really blend your liquid foundation in. i only use this brush when i apply foundation on customers at work and their face is always flawless. if you havent gotten your hands on this brush yet go try it! it's a really nice brush to apply cream blushes onto the apples of your cheeks. ah! i just cant get over how much i love this brush<3

Bebe E.
Concealing under the eyes

At first when I got this brush I really didn't know what to do with it. I try using it for foundation and I find that it was to small and to time consuming to use it for that. I've decided to try it for concealer one day and it is amazing. I love that it blend the concealer nicely and it's small enough to blend out the concealer under the eyes.

Cynthia R.
The best foundation brush

This foundation brush by MAC is the best for achieving the closest thing to an airbrushed application and flawless effect. It's great for applying concealer under the eye area as well.

Manuela B.
Perfect Concealer Brush!

LOVELOVELOVE this smaller duo fiber brush for concealing! its perfect size and I use the big Duo fiber brush for my foundation so I figured use this smaller one for concealing and its amazing! It gets the product in ever "nook and cranny" as i like to say! Especially when working on my mature skin clients! Its alot faster than the traditional flat concealer brush!