Snow Fairy Lip Tint


Delanor J.

This stuff smells delicious - like raspberry lollies. The colour is completely wrong for my skin unfortunately (pale folks, be warned) but it leaves my lips feeling soft and luscious.

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Rudie R.
Quick and Easy lip colour!

Snow Fairy is one of my go to pink lip shades. The colour is a beautiful hot pink, which blends perfectly and can be worn with other lipsticks. The smell is beautiful, would love if there was a Snow Fairy fragrance! The only downside is that I think this product has been discontinued or is only available in winter months. I know Lush do other lip tints but nothing competes with this beautiful colour!

Emma F.
Great for a quick bright lip!

This product provides and easy and quick way to leave your lips with a simple flush of bubblegum pink. The texture is really nice to begin with, its very soft and smooth, not thick or gooey at all. The color is not overwhelming, but it can be built up for a brighter look. I LOVE this!

Francesca G.
Smells gorgeous

As everything in Lush, Snow Fairy lip tint smells amazing! It resembles all the other Snow Fairy products by Lush with it's smell, just like bubble gum I think. The thing I love most about this is because it's a lip tint you can get the shade of pink you desire. You can either apply one or two layers for a subtle pink or go the whole way and apply a few and get a beautiful/bright pink!

Sue L.
pretty good

Snow Fairy lip tint is certainly one of my favorite Lush products! It smells amazing - the scent is really sweet- reminds me of bubblegum quite a lot, actually. It's strong, but not overwhelming and the color is absolutely gorgeous: girly pink. Pretty. And I always get lots of compliments because of it, which is really nice. I will admit I am slightly obsessed with this product.

Latia C.

I got this as a Christmas gift and must say that I really like. The smell of the product is delicious (the smell reminds me of Godmother and Rockstar soaps) and the color it tints your lips is of a pretty, bubblegum pink color. It has a very soft texture on the lips, but I sometimes find it has just a very tiny, tiny amount of grit to it. It may be just my lips, but all in all I do love this lip tint. The color only SLIGHTLY reminds me of the Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick.

Tahlee S.
I love it!!!

This lip tint is amazing. Adds a quick pop of colour, smells so delicious and keeps lips surprisingly moisturized :) I always keep the compact container in my handbag to brighten up my look.

Alexa D.
Love lush. Not my favorite product.

Heavy scent and taste make this lip tint kind of nauseating. Hardens and melts when in rapid change of temperature. Color is very bright, which is nice, but only allows a slight usage at a time. If you need to feel a smooth, glossy product on your lips like me, it feels like its caking on and is not creamy and smooth.