Bon Bon Lip Scrub

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Soma S.
Only available during XMAS...

To me, Bonbon tastes like those old lemon drop candies my god mother used to shove into my hand when I was a kid. I could eat the whole pot if I knew no one was watching...

Buy during the holidays, and you're bound to find this BOGOF. It works well, but you MUST lick your lips and moisten them before applying so the sugar crystals melt into your lips when you scrub it in. Otherwise, you'll end up with a frosty/sugary mess all over your shirt as the product crumbles everywhere. It definitely works well, but for the price you pay, I think lip scrubs are overpriced in general.

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Rebecca J.
Absolutely love it

My lips get very dry and the first time I used this I was so impressed it made my lips feel so smooth that I hade to buy a few of those. One container lasts so long so if you buy two or three it would last you for a whole year.

Cassandra M.
Bubblegum lip scrub!

I have the bubblegum lip scrub and it's one of my all time favorite products! I use it multiple times a day and I've had it for about 6 months, and it looks like I just got it! It smells amazing, tastes amazing, and gets rid of all that dry skin and chapped junk on your's AWESOME and a must have for EVERY GIRL (and guy, no girl wants to kiss icky lips...ew). I keep this in my makeup bag at ALL TIMES because my lips get chapped super easily and this is a LIFE SAVER product! I loveee it!

Kristina H.
Bubble Gum!

Ok, so this is advertising the Bon Bon lip scrub, which I own but dislike. I do not like th finer grit sugar in the Bon Bon lip scrub. I do, however, love the Bubble Gum lip scrub. It smells great and it works well enough.

Honestly you can get the same effect with olive oil and sugar but... it isn't pink and also does not smell like bubble gum.

I use the scrub 1-2 times a week, I get flaky pieces on my lips sometimes and looks horrific with lipstick so I like to ex-foliate to reduce hot mess status.

Melanie G.
Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Like the other reviews here, this is also on the bubble gum flavor of the lip scrub. I don't think the bon bon is available anymore, as it was a Christmas product. Anywho, this lip scrub is a nice treat when my lips get really chapped. It works well to remove the flaky skin from my lips and leaves them nice and smooth. I'm not too big on bubblegum flavors in general, but I got this one because I loved the pink color! Overall, this is a very basic product that you could probably re-create with just olive oil and sugar (so most likely overpriced even by Lush standards), but the packaging and flavoring added makes this much more fun to use.

Katie C.
Hard to find in stock at stores.

I use the Bubble Gum which smells great. Although, I think Sweet Lips smells a little better. I bought two of these at once because the stores sell out so quickly. I keep one in my purse at all times. You can lick of the excess with no problem because it's made out of castor sugar which is used for baking. It's not the best scrub I've ever used but it smells amazing & is a really fun product.