True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup SPF 17


Emily S.

I love this powder. It really does the trick for my skin. Is not too heavy and not too light. Covers up all blemishes with one coating over my face. I have very sensitive skin and it never makes me break out or makes my skin dry up. Matches my skin tone perfectly. Love this stuff!

Kristina K.
Love having the convenient option of this great foundation in a compact

Very blendable--as advertised. Applies well with either brush or with your finger for those quick swipes when you're running out the door. There is also a little sponge located just under the foundation. It truly is a perfect match for me (natural buff) and the price is so affordable that I won't feel like I'm breaking the bank if I shop for a darker shade once spring and summer roll around. Good coverage, good price, incredible convenience.

Jennifer T.
amazing, natural look!

This is amazing! I was looking for something quick and easy to put on, yet that still covers my uneven skin tone. This is perfect! It covers my skin perfectly and makes it look flawless, yet it looks like I'm not wearing anything! Also, the packaging is reallyy nice. It has a great sponge applicator in a bottom compartment with ventilation and a high quality mirror. Also, the color is great. I have relatively pale skin and when I put soft ivory on, I couldn't even see where I had it on; it was that perfect a match! Overall great product; it will definitely be one of my long term staples :)

Julia K.
Good For Oily/Combination

This stuff is such a life saver when you feel your skin getting gross in public. It covers up any blemishes I have, and absorbs the oil in my skin. HIGHLY recommend buying this stuff for your to go bag.

Stacey T.

It is very hard to find a shade that truly fits my skin tone. I used to spend endless hours in Macy's paying crazy prices for high end makeup only for it to not fit me. Then in Walmart one of the sales ladies told me about how so many people were buying this! So I had to try it! I have oily skin and it shows minimum. I use it with the liquid and reapply the powder about once or twice after the first application. I only use this makeup now! Saved my life!

Chrisi P.
Like it, but not the smell.

It definitely is blendable as it claims to be. However, I was not feeling the smell the moment I opened up the compact, but after I applied it on my face, the smell disappears. I've only tried it a few times, but so far I like it.

Tashina M.
Just my first impression

Sooooo, I just picked this up today. I ran home and tried it. Just two things that I want to report and I will probably come back edit this in a couple of days or a week. First; This dries so fast. Faster than the liquid counter part and I thought that was impossible. The second it touches your skin it turns into powder. That kind of contradicts the blendability of this product. Second; The color selection is...I don't even know. I picked the lightest shade, as usual. It looked like t would be too dark in the pan. I was hoping it might dry a little lighter, and it did. Definitely 2-3 shades lighter. Almost chalk white. I am going to have to trade it in for a darker shade, and I never have to do that. I may even need 2 shades darker depending on the gradiance between shades.

Drea L.

This product does do exactly what it said it would. It blend it really well - it has decent amount of coverage and it goes on really well. BUT - it's definitely not for touch-ups. It oxidizes so much and easily turns your skin orange. It cakes and it makes your skin looks unatural. I WOULD buy this again in a lighter shade, just to re-try it out again. I would only use this to set my make up a little and layer a nice translucent over it. EH..

Tara C.

I have nice skin, very few imperfections (some freckles and redness). Does not cover anything! and feels sticky on the skin and doesn't last I was looking for something I can throw in my bag for on the go touch ups.