Telescopics Mascara 2X

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Sofia M.
My Fav<3

Mascara for the longest time had been my obsession. I would shop exclusively at Sephora etc for mascara and i would get the newest one that came out. I mean really did i need four different mascaras that did the same thing? nooo. Eventually i realized that buying 4 different $20+ mascaras wasn't the wisest way to spend my money. I decided to go drug store and this mascara had great reviews. and boy did it not disappoint! I really love the way it separates, and lengthens my lashes. It's on par with the higher end brands in the consistency and quality. My only gripe is that it makes my lashes so long that it hits my brow bone and makes little black dots :/ but that's an easy fix. If you want a more voluminous dramatic look, use a volumizing mascara as a base and just wiggle it near the root of your lashes and layer this on top of it for even more dramatic lashes :)

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Audrey S.

If you're looking for amazing eyelashes with out false lashes, this is the one for u. I love it the brush is so slim and fits in to the inner corner and separates your lashes it's the blackest black it's very affordable it's my holy grail. I swear by this mascara lol

Vanessa G.
This mascara is like magic!

always makes my lashes look like false lashes! I have long lashes to start with,but this mascara is awesome. im more of a clumpy lash person, your can build up the amount of mascara you use. but can also have a more natural look :)

Emma K.

Great mascara for length! Has some volume but like very little volume. Holds a curl, separates my lashes on bad eyelash days (I have wonky lashes sooo) also carbon black is the darkest mascara I own :)

Deb C.
In Love

This mascara eliminates the need for fake eyelashes... The brush is designed to catch every lash and it really does! It extends and seperates the lashes and looks great..I use the black one and it really looks great when you have eye liner on as it defines the eye lashes!

Rachael Y.

I normally dont buy cheaper mascaras but recently I have been short on cash so I had to skimp somewhere. So I decided to try this. It is AMAZING. Probably the best mascara I have EVER tried. I dont think that I will ever buy expensive mascara again. I have short lashes... this makes them long and separates them. TRY THIS.

Mita V.
#1 Mascara on my list!

I am a mascara junkie and have lots and lots of tubes of mascaras but this mascara is by far the best I've ever used! It makes my eyelashes look so long and full it's just like if I had on fake lashes!

Christina N.
Carbon black mascara does magic

I have naturally curly full long eyelashes. I hated the way volumizing mascara made my lashes loom until I tried my friends new mascara she bought. They made my lashes look sooo long and dollesque. If you have long eyelashes you should try this mascara. This is my first coat. I top it with colassal lash by maybelline.

Danielle R.
Love it!

I wasn't sure about it at first bc I've never tried a mascara that looked like that (the brush) but it made my eyelashes long but also very dark! I was nervous it would be lengthening but you wouldn't be able to see my lashes from far away but I was wrong! It's amazing

Tiril S.
Lengthening and defining

This mascara works really well! Pros: Lengthens, but I always use Mac prep and prime underneath, which makes my lashes super long! About 2-5mm Which make a big difference when it comes to lashes. Black-black! Extremely black mascara! Defines my lashes well. But be sure you don't have too much on the brush. Love the packaging, really cool Doesn't smudge a lot during day!

Cons: I'm not too fan of the brush, it's super easy to get too much product on the eyes, so beware. It could have been even more lengthening